Denver ‘Patriot rally’ shooting suspect identified as Matthew Dolloff

Denver Antifa Holds Canned Food Drive Then Hurls the Cans at Patriots and Police

The hired security guard accused of shooting a protester dead during a Denver rally on Saturday was identified by police as Matthew Robert Dolloff.

Dolloff, 30, is being held in connection to a first-degree murder investigation in the shooting of Lee Keltner, the Denver Police Department announced on Sunday.

Officials said he has not yet been charged but is being questioned with the shooting death that was captured on camera. It occurred at a “Patriot Rally” that included clashes with Black Lives Matter protesters.

Dolloff was hired by local news station 9NEWS to provide security during the demonstrations. He was hired via Pinkerton, a company that offers private security services.

“It has been the practice of 9NEWS for a number of months to contract private security to accompany staff at protests,” said 9NEWS in one of its reports. The station is an affiliate of NBC News.

Police also said that Dolloff is “a private security guard” who had “no affiliation with Antifa,” the anarcho-communist group. There were allegations that he was an Antifa activist.

After the shooting, Denver police released a statement: “The Denver Police Department respects the right to peacefully assemble. Those who participate in protests, demonstrations, marches, or other gatherings, as protected by the First Amendment, are reminded to do so in a lawful manner. Individuals who choose to act outside of local, state and federal law, will be subject to citation or arrest.”

More detail:

Denver Post reported that: “The incident occurred after a man participating in what was billed a “Patriot Rally” sprayed mace at another man. That man then shot the other individual with a handgun near the courtyard outside the Denver Art Museum, according to a Denver Post journalist who witnessed the incident.”

DENVER, COLORADO – OCTOBER 10: A man turns after fatally shooting another man during dueling protests in Denver, Colorado, on October 10, 2020. The man on the left side of the photo was supporting the right-wing “Patriot Rally” and sprayed mace at the man on the right side of the image. The man at right, then shot and killed the protester at left. Denver Channel 9News has confirmed that the man who did the shooting was a private security guard contracted by them and is in custody after the shooting. It has been confirmed the guard was contracted through Pinkerton and Òthat it has been the practice of 9NEWS for a number of months to hire private security to accompany staff at protests.Ó (Photo by Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post)

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