The state of Texas yesterday directly filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court of the United States, objecting to the election procedures in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, arguing that they violated the Constitution.

Today, it’s updated that 18 other states will join Texas in this case.

The newest state coming on board is: Arizona.

Other 17 states that joined the Wednesday brief are Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia.

They argue that they have an interest in the case because “the unconstitutional administration of elections” in some states dilutes votes in their own states. 

“The integrity of our elections is of critical importance to maintaining our republic, both today and in future elections,” Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt said in a statement. “The stakes of protecting our Constitution, defending our liberty and ensuring that all votes are counted fairly couldn’t be higher. With this brief, we are joining the fight.”

And here’s is the statement of Florida:

The fraud in Arizona, especially in Maricopa County where Dominion voting machines were used was astounding but Attorney General Mark Brnovich filed an amicus brief to back Texas.

Texas alleged that these states violated the “Electors Clause” stipulated in the Constitution because these states have changed voting rules and procedures through court or administrative measures (not state legislatures).

In addition, Texas also stated that there are differences in voting rules and procedures in different counties within the same state, which violates the constitution’s “Equal Protection Clause.” Therefore, Texas believes that based on the above reasons, these states have “voting violations” in the 2020 presidential election.

The Trump administration will also participate in a case filed by Texas against four other states before the Supreme Court over suspected violations of election law.

President Donald Trump announced that the federal government would be intervening in the case on the side of Texas on Wednesday morning, claiming that Texas’ suit is “the big one.”

“We will be INTERVENING in the Texas (plus many other states) case. This is the big one. Our Country needs a victory!” Trump said.

“The illegal suspension or violation of state law thus calls directly into question the certification of the results of the elections in Defendant States for Vice President Joe Biden, Proposed Plaintiff in Intervention’s opponent in the election,” Trump campaign said. “President Trump’s interest in the outcome of this litigation could therefore not be more acute.”

Meanwhile, Rep. Mike Kelly said the Pennsylvania mail-in voting case before the Supreme Court remains ongoing, and believes the justices will still nullify the state’s unconstitutional voting law.

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