Attorney Sidney Powell urges President Trump

Sidney Powell called on President Trump using Executive Order 13848

“Mr President, Your most important job is to protect the #Republic and the #Constitution
You must rise to that sacred duty right now!
There was #ForeignInterference in this election
All the authority you need is in EO 13848. Use it. We must have the #Truth
Also designate #Antifa”

What happened today to President Trump:

  • Pence Releases Statement Ahead of Certification of Electoral College, Says He Will NOT Block Biden’s Electors (More detail)
  • Defense Sec Says He Discussed Deploying National Guard With Pelosi and Pence — NOT President Trump (More detail)
  • Lawmakers say work certifying Biden win to continue tonight (More detail)
  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube limit spread of Trump video on Capitol riots (More detail)
  • Facebook has removed President Trump’s video message to the American people.
  • Multiple explosive devices found in DC amid Capitol chaos (More detail)
  • Democrats seize back control of Senate with twin wins in Georgia runoffs (More detail)

It appears the only one way left for President Trump: