Mike Pompeo: Communist China is already within our borders

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday posted a series of tweets hitting China and Chinese Communist Party. He asserted that the Trump administration has begun to take all the right actions to fight with Chinese Communist Party in a way that protects and secures freedom for Americans.

Following is the list of Mike Pompeo’s tweets on January 16:

“The Chinese Communist Party is a threat. The people of China are not. For 50 years, America bent its knee to China. Under the Trump Administration, no more.”

“The Trump Administration ended decades of appeasement and misguided engagement policy toward the Chinese Communist Party. We can no longer ignore the political and ideological differences between the U.S. and the People’s Republic of China, between freedom and tyranny.”

“The Chinese Communist Party is not the same as the Chinese people. We support the aspirations of the Chinese people to live free of the CCP’s authoritarian rule. I made this clear in my Nixon Library speech.”

“The CCP lies, and makes empty promises. We have to recognize this pattern, and enact consequences if we want to change bad behavior. Appeasement and “dialogue” for dialogue’s sake won’t work.”

“The CCP broke its promise to the people of Hong Kong. We imposed real costs on those denying freedom to those noble people.”

“When the CCP shamefully violated Sino-British Joint Declaration, a UN-registered treaty that promised a high degree of autonomy to Hong Kong people, the Trump Administration revoked Hong Kong’s special trade status, sanctioned complicit CCP & HKSAR officials.”

“Wuhan virus and the lab: We still don’t know what happened. @WHO needs to get in.”

“CCP closed travel inside China and allowed the world to suffer. America invents vaccines for the world. Every human being can see this contrast.”

“Wuhan Virus: CCP covered it up. CCP disappeared the doctors who knew. CCP still refuses to let the world in to see what it wrought. CCP lied about where the virus came from.”

“In 2015, standing with then President Barack Obama, General Secretary Xi said the CCP had “no intention to militarize” the Spratly Islands. This promise was broken. The Trump Administration has defended nations that defend their sovereignty against Chinese aggression.”

“This isn’t the Cold War. This is something different. The China threat is already within our borders.”

“The CCP conducted espionage from its diplomatic facility in Houston, Texas? We closed it down. Not gonna happen on our watch.”

“U.S. state legislators are targets, too. I released details in a speech in Madison, Wisconsin. Read the whole thing.”

“We cracked down on CCP influence ops inside our borders by ending United Front operations disguised as cultural exchanges, and more. Other countries are now following suit.”

“Protecting American universities from the CCP’s malign influence is essential to academic freedom. We exposed Confucius Institutes for what they really are: hubs for disinformation and propaganda arms of the CCP. They are being closed fast across America.”

“Where we started –> Where we ended”

“For more information on China’s targeting of U.S. colleges, see my speech”

“We have called on university boards to disclose and divest from malign PRC companies. We now require think tanks to disclose foreign funding sources before participating in @StateDept projects and scrutinize visas for ties to the PLA.”

“Even Xi Jinping himself admits CCP propagandists aren’t independent journalists. We shouldn’t pretend they are.”

“Promise made, promise kept: We labeled 15 CCP media entities and orgs as CCP state missions to make sure Americans knew they were dealing with propaganda outlets”

“Before this administration, the CCP & its proxies stole invaluable U.S. technology with impunity. Now we are prosecuting spies & thieves, and keeping them from getting visas to steal from our great cutting edge innovators.”

“For the first time ever, the U.S. government openly declared the CCP’s claims in the South China Sea “completely unlawful” and sanctioned more than 20 PRC companies for aiding PRC’s maritime claims.”

“We stood with the people of Tibet and supported their right to religious freedom and cultural identity. We have imposed unprecedented visa restrictions on officials who block reciprocal access to Tibetan areas.”

“We also gave courageous Uyghur women  a platform to tell the world  about their families  who were disappeared by the CCP”

“This administration was straight with the American people: The CCP is a Marxist-Leninist party that has made clear its hostility to our values and way of life.”

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