Lin Wood explains why he posted a ‘phony’ Trump letter to Biden

Lin Wood explains why he posted a phony Trump letter to Biden

One week after sharing ‘a fabricated letter’ from Trump to President Biden on Telegram, Attorney Lin Wood on Wednesday explained why he did that.

The tradition of one president leaving a letter for another started with Ronald Reagan. Since then, outgoing presidents have opted for official White House letterhead when leaving messages for incoming presidents.

A fake version of the letter that former President Donald Trump left for President Joe Biden has been circulating on social media recently. It says, in typed text on what looks like White House stationery, “Joe, you know I won.”

The text is a reference to Trump’s claims that the election had been stolen.

Phony, Fake Trump letter to President Biden
“Phony Trump letter to President Biden” reports:

The stationery shown in the template appears at first glance to look legitimate but, notably, Trump’s signature is different from the one shown on his official correspondence.

Also, the presidential seal at the top is different. The fake stationery uses a colored seal ringed with the words “Seal of the President of the United States,” while the real stationery uses a gold seal without the words.

The biggest indication that the letter is fake, though, is the inclusion of the address at the bottom, Shirley Anne Warshaw, a presidential scholar at Gettysburg College, told us in a phone interview.

Warshaw has never seen a presidential letter with the address of the White House included at the bottom, she said. “Everyone knows where the White House is,” she said.

The official letters from Trump that we noted above show no address at the bottom.

Lin Wood shared this letter on January 21 and it has attracted more than 1.2 millions of views on Telegram so far.

Today, on January 27, Lin Wood explained his action:

“Now to answer the question as to why I posted the Trump letter. I posted it because I believe the message conveyed is truth. Trump won. Biden lost.

The enemy wants you to focus on the messenger, not the message. We are all imperfect. We can all be attacked. Some attacks are based on facts. Many are based on lies. Therefore, I would urge that we should focus on the message, not the messenger.

I cannot verify that every item I post is authentic. We live in a world of photoshopped images and deep fake videos.

But I can authenticate that the message I try to convey is what I believe is truth as best as I can discern as an imperfect person.

Focus on the message.”

Lin Wood said on Telegram

It’s not clear what Trump’s letter said since it hasn’t yet been released, but Biden has described it as “very generous.”

“Because it was private, I will not talk about it until I talk to him, but it was generous,” Biden told reporters in the Oval Office on Jan. 20.

CNN also reported that a senior Trump aide had described the letter as a “‘personal note’ that prays for the success of the country and the new administration to care for the country.”

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