Senator Scott Jensen: How the COVID-19 cases were inflated

How the COVID-19 Cases Were Inflated - Doctor and Senator Scott Jensen

Sen. Scott Jensen, founder of Chaska and Watertown’s Catalyst Medical Clinic and former University of Minnesota associate professor, is one of two doctors in the Minnesota Senate.

Jensen, who is also the vice chair of the Health and Human Services Finance and Policy Committee, was instrumental in passing healthcare legislation, like the affordable insulin bill in 2020. But in April, he became known for his public comments, and subsequent investigation, about COVID-19. His appearances on FOX News sparked questions internationally on reported COVID deaths and the severity of the virus.

In an April FOX News interview with Laura Ingraham, Jensen suggested that the COVID-19 death totals could be overstated because physicians can list COVID as a cause of death as a “probable” or “presumed” cause of death if a diagnosis could not be made — and if the hospital marks down COVID-19, they get paid substantially more by Medicare.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, he raised questions about private medical information and personal privacy while contact tracing. He also compared data to flu numbers, saying “We will have 50 million Americans have the flu this year, we didn’t shut the country down over that,” during a Senate debate in April.

The Minnesota Department of Health later changed how COVID-19 deaths were tabulated, but Jensen followed up by saying other states are still overstating their tolls.

Here’s his latest sharing with Thrivetime Show on Feb. 19:

How the COVID-19 cases were inflated – Senator Scott Jensen

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