Dan Bongino calls conservatives to action at CPAC 2021

Dan Bongino Electrifies CPAC With Fiery Closing Speech

Radio host and Fox News commentator Dan Bongino called on conservatives to take action in a rousing speech to close the first full day of the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Fla., on Friday.

Dan Bongino told the crowd that they must finally put President Trump’s loss behind them in 2020 and focus on taking back the House in 2022, fighting against Big Tech monopolies and media voices calling for silence or censoring opposing views.

“What matters more than anything is the fight right now,” he said. “All the rest is B.S.”

“There is no more time to sit down on our knees and cry and do this ‘victim’ stuff. All of everything else is bull. Right now the fight is all that matters,” said Bongino.

Dan Bongino agreed with pro-Trump sentiments that Election Night was “devastating” but pointed to how Democrats responded to Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016.

“The left, right after the election … they were out there in their pink hats in 2016 marching the next day.”

In that regard, Dan Bongino called on conservatives to peacefully engage in politicking for the conservative movement to strengthen their chances in 2022 and 2024.

“It is up for you as evangelists for the cause to go out there and get everyone off their knees, get everyone out of bed, get everyone off the mat, stand up and get back in the fight now.”

Here’s the full speech of Dan Bongino at CPAC 2021

Dan Bongino calls conservatives to action at CPAC 2021

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