Sidney Powell: Trump was re-elected and should be president right now

Sidney Powell has an interview with Rose Tennent.

Attorney Sidney Powell recently did an interview with Rose Tennent and like the interview she did with Dinesh, it is shockingly good.

In this interview she outlined the how if the Rule of Law had been followed, Donald Trump would be the President at this moment.

Sidney Powell said: “He was re-elected and should be president right now.”

Here’s the full interview of Sidney Powell with Rose Tennent:

Rose Tennent | Sidney Powell Interview

Earlier, on April 5, Sidney Powell called for the push of the Arizona forensic audit at Maricopa Tabulation Center.

Sidney Powell posted on her account of Telegram:

“This week is critical for the Arizona Forensic Audit.  The Senate must exercise its powers granted by the Arizona Constitution to take over the Maricopa Tabulation Center to audit the network, the internet connected devices, the voting machines, and the original paper ballots and envelopes.  

To many Arizonians, the Maricopa Tabulation Center was where the crime of the century took place and continues today, unexamined.  Forensic evidence must be gathered there with an audit to prove or disprove the alleged fraud.  The audit must not take place in a rented warehouse or a hotel conference room!  The ballots must stay where they are not trucked across town for $150,000!”

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