List of ‘mainstream’ U.S. journalists taking junkets from China Communist

Documents unearthed from one of the leading Chinese Communist Party propa­gan­da groups expose the names of “main­stream” US jour­nal­ists who accept jun­kets from the organization in return for favorable publicity.

The Nation­al Pulse can now show West­ern jour­nal­ists – includ­ing those lauded by Pres­i­dent Biden and mar­ried to poten­tial White House mem­bers – who have accepted trips from the Chinese Com­mu­nist Par­ty influ­ence group.

  • Vox Co-founder and New York Times columnist Ezra Klein;
  • Vox Co-founder Matthew Yglesias;
  • CNN Senior Political Analyst and The Atlantic Senior Editor Ronald Brownstein;
  • New York Times Reporter Bradford Plumer;
  • Associated Press Vice President and Editor Marjorie Miller;
  • The Hill Editor-at-Large Steve Clemons;
  • Former NPR Senior Editor Marilyn Geewax;
  • Former Newsweek and Wall Street Journal Marketplace Editor Kathleen Deveny;
  • Former U.S. News and World Report Correspondent Tom Omestad;
  • Chicago Tribune Columnist and Editorial Writer Steve Chapman;
  • Former National Journal Correspondent Bruce Stokes (And the husband of President Biden’s Deputy Secretary of State nominee who has also taken CUSEF trips);
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Washington Bureau Chief Craig Gilbert;
  • The Week columnist Shikha Dalmia.

In addition to the spouse of the potential Deputy Secretary of State appearing on the list, a journalist on the list – Steve Clemons – has been praised by President Biden.

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