Dominion refuses to turn over password to machines for Arizona forensic audit?

Arizona Audit Director Ken Bennett: Dominion Refuses to Comply with Subpoena and Turn Over Password to Their Maricopa County Machines

Arizona audit director Ken Bennett told One America News that Dominion refused to comply with subpoena and turn over password to their Maricopa County machines.

Ken Bennett joined One America News to discuss the latest developments in the Maricopa County forensic audit.

Ken Bennett is the Arizona Senate named as its liaison for the recount of Maricopa County ballots. He served as Senate president in the early 2000s and later as Secretary of State.

Earlier, the Maricopa County Election Board claimed this week they do not have ‘Admin’ access to their county’s voting machines. If this is the case, then the County did not own the election process they ceded it to their external vendor.

In his interview with OAN Ken Bennett said Dominion is refusing to comply with the State Senate’s subpoena and is hiding the second password for their machines.

Dominion was in charge of the Maricopa County election. And now they are refusing to cooperated with a subpoena.

The Maricopa County audit in Arizona: What to know about it

The Republican-controlled state Senate in Arizona has undertaken a full hand recount and audit of the ballots and voting machines in Maricopa.

By subpoena, the state Senate took possession of 2.1 million ballots and nearly 400 election machines and turned them over to be audited by companies.

The audit will seek to “identify any ballots that are suspicious and potentially counterfeit,” according to the statement of work for the lead contractor, Cyber Ninjas.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, of Georgia, is calling for an audit in her state, too.

Meanwhile, U.S. Justice Department sent a letter to Arizona Senate President Karen Fann to warn about “potential non-compliance with federal laws,” including, among other issues, whether ballots are being “adequately safeguarded.”

“Past experience with similar investigative efforts around the country has raised concerns that they can be directed at minority voters, which potentially can implicate the anti-intimidation prohibitions of the Voting Rights Act,” wrote Pamela S. Karlan, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division. “Such investigative efforts can have a significant intimidating effect on qualified voters that can deter them from seeking to vote in the future.”

Ward Slams Department of Justice Interference in Maricopa County Forensic Audit

Dr Kelli Ward, the chair of the Arizona GOP, slammed the recent interference by Biden’s Department of Justice in the Maricopa County forensic audit as being completely political.

Hobbs, Ward noted, had sent attorneys to monitor the audit in Maricopa from “well-known partisan attack groups,” like the Brennan Center, and Project Democracy, and even people who had claimed to be press, to observe and attempt to discredit the audit.

“Hobbs has never had any interest in observing the audit,” Ward claimed. “She’s a partisan hack using tax-payer dollars to do Democrat partisan bidding to try to end the State Senate’s audit,” claiming that her actions have sparked off “what is probably the most serious assault by the Democrats [on the Maricopa audit] to date.”

Ward dismissed the supposed “lack of security” as ludicrous, noting that there were “dozens of security cameras monitoring the audit at all times, and 19 armed guards protecting the premises and the ballots” from harm. The Arizona GOP Chair instead suggested the Department of Justice should look into the security at the Maricopa tabulation centre.

Ward noted that all the claims were simply hearsay, and had all been dimissed by the courts due to a lack of evidence. “It all begs the question,” Ward said. “What are the Democrats afraid of, and what are they hiding?”:

Why can’t the American people take a look at an election? Review all the ballots, make sure the machines were operating properly, and that there was no tampering involved. Why is transparency such a problem for them? Why won’t they join with us and participate in the audit, rather than trying their best to end it at all costs? Unfortunately, we know the answers, and that’s why we cannot, we will not, be intimidated and we must finish America’s audit.

Ward was joined in her slamming of the “politicised” Justice Department by Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers. “‘Justice’ Department – you need to stay in your lane,” Rogers tweeted following the publishing of the letter. “Do not touch Arizona ballots or machines unless you want to spend time in an Arizona prison.”

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