Dominion says they refuse to give passwords to State Senate audit team

On Thursday, Dominion stated they “voluntarily supply access to their election equipment only to vendors accredited by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC). We happily did so for the accredited providers (vendors) that Maricopa hired for auditing”. 

However, according to audit vendor Pro V&V, Dominion Voting Systems provided passwords directly to Maricopa Board of Election employees. And those employees logged into the equipment themselves, allowing auditors system access.

The Arizona Senate asked the County for Admin User level access. Pro V&V President Jack Cobb stated: “The Admin User and password have GOD powers. Note the Antrim County Michigan hack – where someone had Admin User and password access, and with that you can do anything. All databases in all industries need this function. The Super User login can perform any (Admin Level) function EXCEPT altering the SQL database. We don’t even ask for those credentials on a fielded system because they are so powerful there is a risk that we get accused of changing something.”

Mr. Cbb also said: “Neither Pro V&V or Maricopa County has the Admin User access passwords. Maricopa may have thought their Super User passwords were the Admin level but they are just Super Users passwords. We had them put in the passwords themselves. Maricopa could give these to the (Cyber Ninja) auditors and they still can’t do what they want. This is a “Red Herring”. The tabulators have redundant memory. The EMS is just an accumulator. I can delete and reload data as many times as I want as long as it is from a trusted source (SD, CF, or USB). On top of that there are printed paper tapes from each tabulator”.

Although the Arizona State Legislature has the right to inspect Federal & State Elections by law, Dominion Voting System stated they WILL NOT supply passwords to the State Legislature, or any of its auditor.

The thousands of election jurisdictions that might want equipment passwords for audits, Dominion expects them to choose from only two audit vendors. That’s right, there are only two EAC accredited vendors left to choose from. Although the EAC website lists three, NTS Huntsville said by phone “were out, no longer doing that”. Over the past few years five other vendors have removed themselves from EAC accreditation. Why?

Cobb continued: “A jurisdiction has the option of requiring Admin User and Super User access with their Dominion system. Maricopa County is leasing their equipment, so Dominion has this information. In Antrim they own the system, set it, and control this level of access. Antrim gave Admin User access to the guy who reviewed (inspected) their system. Dominion Voting Systems can’t do anything in Antrim because Admin Users and those passwords were all set by Antrim. The only way to access Antrim Admin is if they provide that access, or try to hack it”.

More detail from The Gateway Pundit

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