Revealed: How Bill Barr and Chris Wray blocked Trump’s attempt to go after Antifa

Conservative activist Jack Posobiec previews his new book on antifa, and reveals the internal oval office conversations where FBI Christopher Wray blocked investigations into the domestic terror group.

New York Post reports:

A new book, “The Antifa: Stories from Inside the Black Bloc,” by former naval intelligence officer Jack Posobiec, sheds light on the battle behind the scenes at the White House to take the militant organization seriously as a domestic terrorist threat. 

Posobiec opens with a meeting in the Oval Office between Wray and Trump, a few days before the election, in which the president expresses his frustration at the FBI’s inaction on Antifa. It is the third such meeting in six months. 

“Antifa, they’re a nonfactor,” Wray told Trump, citing the extremism/domestic terrorism database compiled by FBI analysts. 

“’That’s a damn lie, Chris, and you know it,’ shot back the president. ‘I see this stuff night after night on Twitter. We’ve got Homeland Security up in Portland getting attacked by gangs of these thugs and you’re going to sit there and tell me it’s not happening?’ 

“’Sir, we’re working on it’ said Wray.” 

Wray balked at the president’s order to crack down on Antifa, records Posobiec, just as the Pentagon balked at Trump’s order for 10,000 troops from the National Guard to be activated to defend Washington, DC, on Jan. 6, the day of the Capitol riot. 

A senior Trump White House official is quoted on the tug of war over Antifa: “It mostly consisted of Wray playing [Antifa] down as a minor inconvenience with no real training … or saying the FBI can’t go after a political ideology … Wray would say Fox and OAN were exaggerating. He … always promised to come down harder after every scrap but obviously never did.” 

Of course, since Jan. 6, now Wray has focused the FBI’s efforts almost exclusively on Trump supporters, in one of the largest, most complex investigations in the agency’s history. 

Antifa remains untouched.

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