Rudy Giuliani: An investigation in search of a crime

Rudy Giuliani was on War Room with Steve Bannon.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was on War Room to discuss the recent potential indictment that the New York Attorney General is seeking for Donald Trump.

In a fair justice system, a crime would be investigated to determine those complicit in it. In New York, they are investigating an individual in search of a crime. That’s a dictatorship and New York isn’t even trying to disguise it.

As Giuliani pointed out today, New York AG Letitia James ran for that office with only one campaign slogan, “I’m going to get Trump.” Now she seems to be attempting to make good on that promise, even though she never said at the time what she was going to get Trump for.

“Whatever New York prosecutors think they have on Trump, they’re basically trying to take a traffic offense and make it into a murder,” Giuliani said.

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