Steve Bannon: Biden Administration about to implode

U.S. Catholic Bishops May Demand Biden, Other Pro-Abortion Politicians Stop Taking Communion

Offering a blunt analysis of the Biden Administration, Steve Bannon made a major prediction of the future of Joe Biden as president and it’s looking imminent.

“Between now and Labor Day, you’re going to see an implosion of the Biden Administration,” Bannon said.

He made this statement following details of the collapse the country has seen in the White House since he took office. One failure has followed another from invasion on the border, the disaster of the economy and the inflation, Critical Race Theory, China, and the list goes on.

“In the next 60 days, Biden is going to get to an approval rating in the high 30,” according to Bannon.

The failure of his administration has let to massive disapproval already, even among Democrats who are reminded of their bad vote they cast for him every time they fill of their gas tank…and it’s just the beginning.

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