6,985 dead from COVID vaccine in the US – a top 50 cause of death in the country

The number of deaths linked to vaccines this year has absolutely skyrocketed.

There are now 6,985 reported deaths and 411,911 adverse reactions from the COVID-19 vaccinations across the United States this year (through June 25).

The number of deaths linked to vaccines this year has absolutely skyrocketed. According to the CDC’s own data, in 2021 n the first 3 months, the VAERS website recorded over 1,750 deaths due to vaccines in the US.

That number is now at 6,985.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database contains information on unverified reports of adverse events (illnesses, health problems and/or symptoms) following immunization with US-licensed vaccines. Reports are accepted from anyone and can be submitted electronically at www.vaers.hhs.gov.”

Besides, there have been 411,931 adverse reactions reported to the vaccine.

Earlier, through June 11, 2021, VAERS recorded 358,379 adverse events after vaccinations, including 5,993 deaths and 29,871 serious illnesses.

In the 12- to 17-year-old age group, there were 271 serious illnesses and seven deaths. Among pregnant women, there were 2,136 adverse events, including 707 miscarriages or premature births.

A top 50 cause of death in US

Skeptics say that the reported death rate from Covid-19 shots now exceeds the reported death rate of more than 70 vaccines combined over the past 30 years and is about 500 times deadlier than the seasonal flu vaccine, which historically has been the most hazardous.

The Covid-19 shots are also claimed to be five times more dangerous than the pandemic H1N1 vaccine, which had a 25-per-million severe side effect rate.

Historically, less than 10% of vaccine side effects are reported to VAERS. An investigation by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services put it even as low as 1%.

In a recent study of 2017 numbers there were:

  • 2,812 accidental fire deaths
  • 3,709 accidantal(?) drownings
  • 4,968 homicides other than firearms
  • 5,611 deaths from Hepatitis
  • 5,698 deaths from AIDS
  • 6,554 deaths from deliberate poisonings
  • 6,946 deaths from accidental suffocations

So deaths from COVID-19 Vaccine is higher on the list than AIDS, drownings and Hepatitis.

UK: More than 1,400 dead from Covid vaccine in 6 months

The Medicines & Healthcare Agency has received 439 UK reports of suspected ADRs to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine in which the patient died shortly after vaccination, 936 reports for the COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca, five for the COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna and 23 where the brand of vaccine was unspecified.

This report covers the period 9 December 2020 to 23 June 2021.

In the European Union’s database of adverse drug reactions from Covid-19 shots, called EudraVigilance, there were 1,509,266 reported adverse reactions, including 15,472 deaths as of June 19. EudraVigilance only accepts reports from EU members, so it covers only 27 of the 50 European countries.

Remarkably, about half of all reported illnesses — 753,657 — are listed as “serious,” meaning the injury is life-threatening, requires hospitalization, results in a medically important condition, significant disability, or persistent incapacity.

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One response to “6,985 dead from COVID vaccine in the US – a top 50 cause of death in the country”

  1. We need to know a rate of death. saying 6000 could be 6000 of 6000 or 6000 of 6000000 the one is much worse then the other. Not to say that the deaths are immaterial because they certainly are, but the severity over all is far different.


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