Guojiaju dam near Zhengzhou city collapsed, dozen dead in China floods

Torrential rain batters central China's Zhengzhou City

Guojiaju dam near Zhengzhou city, which experienced severe flooding today, has collapsed – the third dam in 48 hours. China’s central government has raised the nationwide flood emergency response level, according to state media.

Central Henan’s capital Zhengzhou witnessed a rainstorm that broke all historic records, and the Guojiaju dam near the city collapsed at 1:30 am local time, CGTN reported.

According to earlier reports, the Chinese army had warned that Yihetan dam in the Henan province “could collapse at any time.”

The AP reports:

China’s military has blasted a dam to release floodwaters threatening one of its most heavily populated provinces, as the death toll in widespread flooding rose to at least 25. The dam operation was carried out late Tuesday night in the city of Luoyang.

Headlines 360 will update the consequences of Guojiaju dam collapse shortly.

Zhengzhou was flooded on July 20, the subway was trapped in the tunnel, and the water flooded into the carriage, causing many deaths. (Video screenshot)

Death toll from floods in China’s Henan province rises to 302

The death toll from July floods in the central Chinese province of Henan rose to 302 as of Monday, officials said, triple the figure of 99 that was reported last week. Most of the fatalities reported in the provincial capital Zhengzhou.

In Zhengzhou, a city of 12 million that lies along the Yellow River, the death toll was 292, including 14 who perished when a subway line was flooded. In total, 39 people died in underground areas in Zhengzhou including garages and tunnels.

Of the 50 people still missing in Henan province, 47 were from Zhengzhou, local officials told a briefing on Monday.

The heaviest rainfall in decades has triggered massive flooding in the central Chinese metropolis of Zhengzhou. State media initially reported twelve deaths. However, significantly more victims were feared. The floods flooded the subway, where hundreds of people were trapped in trains and also in tunnels, as reported by state media and eyewitnesses on social media. Videos could be seen how the water was sometimes up to their shoulders. 

State media claim no casualties, video shows drowned subway passengers

China’s Global Times reported that, “some passengers were trapped in the Line 5 subway in Zhengzhou by waist-high floods on Tuesday afternoon,” adding that , “rescuers noted that the water has [sic] subsided in the subway and all passengers were safe.”

However, disturbing video has surfaced online that appears to show a number of people who had drowned while trapped in the subway cars. 

Two videos have surfaced; one shows two individuals that appear to have drowned while in one of the subway cars and another shows numerous bodies laid out on a subway platform wet and lifeless. 

According to Zhengzhou citizen Li Yun (pseudonym) told The Epoch Times that the Zhengzhou subway was flooded and many people were drowned. There were cars floating everywhere in the city, and many people were drowned. It is still unknown how many people have died.

Li Yun said that the Zhengzhou Dashui video is real. “The subway in Zhengzhou urban area was flooded and people were drowned in the subway. People in one of my friends and their community are all in that subway. The videos they made are now uploaded online.”

“Such rains usually only happen once in 100 years. The situation is grim,” reported the crisis management team in Henan’s provincial capital, which has nine million inhabitants, according to the China Daily. Apparently people also died in the subway. A photo on social media showed two people lying lifeless on the platform of a station on Line 5. Scarves covered their faces.

Many streets in the metropolis were flooded. Some turned into torrents. Cars swam in the water. The water and electricity supply was interrupted in many places. Traffic was paralyzed. Buses got stuck. The subway network was closed, high-speed trains were suspended. Thousands of travelers were stuck at the train station. Zhengzhou Airport canceled 270 flights.

China’s central government has upgraded the nationwide flood control emergency response level from Level III to Level II at 3:00 am Wednesday local time, according to the relevant provisions of the State Emergency Plan for Flood Control and Drought Relief. 

More videos about Zhengzhou floods

Insider Paper reported: “Dam in central China’s Henan province has collapsed by heavy rainfalls and flooding. The dam that reportedly collapsed in China’s Henan province is “#Guojiaju dam” and not “Yihetan dam” that Chinese army warned about.”

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