China: Hundreds of road collapses in Zhengzhou make people panic

At least hundreds of collapses occurred on Zhengzhou's roads where the flood receded. Water and power cuts in the local area led to panic buying in vegetable markets and supermarkets, and a large number of people were in trouble.

In recent days, heavy rainfall has happened in many parts of Henan, which caused Zhengzhou Changzhuang Reservoir to discharge flood on July 20.

After the flood subsided, there were at least hundreds of collapses on Zhengzhou’s roads. Water and electricity were cut in the local area, and there was a panic buying trend in vegetable markets and supermarkets. A large number of people were living in a difficult situation and people were panicked.

Reservoir floods soared, causing heavy casualties

According to reports, on July 20, many parts of Henan Province encountered large-scale record-setting heavy rainfall. After the rainstorm red warning, Zhengzhou’s flood emergency was upgraded to Level I. The water levels of almost all rivers have skyrocketed, and at least 17 large and medium-sized reservoirs have exceeded their flood limits.

Under the skyrocketing water level, Zhengzhou’s Zhongmou Changzhuang Reservoir discharged floods with all its power, and the flood poured into the subway. The entire subway station turned into a river. A train on Line 5 was trapped in the tunnel. Trains passing through Zhengzhou are suspended. Even the front door of the Shaolin Temple in Songshan was full of floods, and vehicles, debris, and corpses that were washed away by mud flow were everywhere.

Zhengzhou was flooded on July 20, the subway was trapped in the tunnel, and the water flooded into the carriage, causing many deaths. (Video screenshot)
Zhengzhou was flooded on July 20, the subway was trapped in the tunnel, and the water flooded into the carriage, causing many deaths. (Video screenshot)

So far, Zhengzhou authorities have announced dozens of casualties. A large number of videos of drowned people have been posted online, and the bodies of the dead can also be seen in subway stations.

Large-scale collapse of the ground in raging floods

On July 21, Zhao Ming, a citizen of a community in Zhengzhou, revealed to the Epoch Times reporter, “My colleague said that it is possible for one or two hundred people to die yesterday, and not only 15 people in the car died.”

“The flood washed a lot of the ground and the ground was empty. I personally think that the urban area has collapsed so badly. It may be due to hardening of the road surface, heavy rain, and the drainage system cannot keep up. In addition, the terrain of Zhengzhou is low in the west and high in the east. It’s all going to low places. Of course, the most important thing is that the drainage system can’t keep up,” Zhao Ming said.

In the early morning of July 21st, he went out to grab shopping items. In a section of about 200 meters, he frequently saw the road surface collapse. “Such a large amount of water slowly took the soil away and suspended it. Once it collapses, this is a problem. The most dangerous.”

According to a local radio report on the afternoon of the 21st, as of now, there have been 170 road collapses, 146 trees collapsed, and 26 walls collapsed in Jinshui District, Zhengzhou alone.

A total of 16 road collapses, 7 wall collapses, 4 culverts with serious water accumulation, Sipo Liulitun construction site foundation pit inverted tower crane inclined, and slope protection along the railway line were found to have collapsed in a total of about 40 meters.

Zhao Ming said that such a serious disaster in Zhengzhou was caused by flood discharge from reservoirs. “Several reservoirs are releasing floods at the same time. The news said that there were also dike breaches in parts of the Yellow River levee, saying that 7 of them were blocked, but they were not blocked. (The government) did not say.”

Torrential rain batters central China's Zhengzhou City
Torrential rain batters central China’s Zhengzhou City

Power outages make people panic

Under the flood disaster, many local people are in trouble. Zhao Ming said that since this morning, many restaurants have been closed due to water and power outages. There is no way to replenish the things in the vegetable markets and supermarkets, the vegetables are basically gone, the wholesale markets can’t go through, and the vegetable markets are basically out of stock.

“Shooting things, you can only grab something. My family has supplies in reserve, but we can’t store too much water.”

Zhao Ming said, “The citizens are a little panic right now. Breakfast is already very tight, and many people line up to buy food.”

At the same time, large-scale power outages and communications were blocked in the city.

Zhao Ming said: “The network of the telecom operator in my home is down, and my mobile phone and wifi are not available, but I have another mobile communication network that I can use.”

In addition to Zhengzhou, floods have also occurred in Gongyi, Ruzhou, Luoyang and other places in Henan, and a large number of requests for help have emerged from disaster victims everywhere. But the help posts were censored online, and some were deleted.

The reporter also called Zhengzhou’s publicly released calls for people in need of rescue many times, but they were unable to get through.

July 21, Henan flood news conference to announce: According to incomplete statistics, the current round of heavy rainfall has caused the province’s 89 counties (cities, districts) 560 townships more than 124 million people were affected, Zhengzhou City due to extremes storm caused 25 7 people died and lost contact.

Because the Chinese Communist Party’s media has always concealed the truth, the real disaster situation cannot be known to the outside world.

(Source: The Epoch Times)

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