China floods: Typhoon In-Fa towards China after flooding Zhengzhou

The sudden flood release in Zhengzhou City has exacerbated the local disaster situation.

China’s eastern coast is bracing for typhoon In-Fa just days after deadly floods devastated parts of the country, including Zhengzhou (Henan).

Chinese farmers see livelihoods washed away by floods

Chinese farmer Cheng wades through knee-deep water, pulling dead pigs behind him one-by-one by a rope tied around their ankles as he lines up the bloated carcasses for disposal.

More than 100 of Cheng’s pigs drowned in floods that paralysed China’s central Henan province last week, and the outlook for those left alive is bleak.

“I’m waiting for the water levels to go down to see what to do with the remaining pigs,” said the 47-year-old farmer from Wangfan village, about 90 kilometres (55 miles) north of provincial capital Zhengzhou.

“They’ve been in the water for a few days now and can’t eat at all. I don’t think even one pig will be left.”

Cheng’s farm is one of thousands in Henan, famous for agriculture, and pork production in particular. The province was struck by heavy rains last week that sparked the worst flash flooding in centuries, catching many by surprise.

“In an instant, we now have no way of surviving. We have no other skills. We have no more money to raise pigs again,” Cheng, who has raised pigs all his life, told Reuters at his farm on Sunday.

“This is as if the sky has fallen.”

Typhoon In-Fa sweeps towards China

Typhoon In-Fa is expected to make landfall near Shanghai on Sunday, forecasters say.

Flights and train services have been suspended, while people have been ordered to stay indoors.

Disruptive winds, rough seas and flooding are expected. Meanwhile, dozens of ships have been evacuated from a busy port south of Shanghai.

The typhoon follows a period of historic flooding that caused widespread damage and killed at least 58 people in central China.

Emergency crew are still working around the clock to rescue survivors and provide aid to the tens of millions of people affected by the floods.

Typhoon In-Fa could bring more torrential downpours to the stricken region in the coming days, and officials fear it could hamper rescue and recovery efforts. (More detail)

58 dead in China floods; 495,000 others flee homes

At least 58 people were killed in the downpour and floods in Central China’s Henan as of Friday and the rain-induced torrents still threaten Xinxiang and Hebi cities after the Weihe River and several reservoirs breached and overflowed, submerging fields and stranding villagers.

At least 495,000 people were temporarily evacuated and 529,000 relocated by the government, the provincial government said at Friday’s press conference. More than 7.5 million people have been affected by the heavy rains and the consequent floods.

In Zhengzhou, the telecommunications network has been restored, and the emergency services continue their work not only to rescue but also to repair infrastructure damaged by the floods.

While the provincial capital continues its slow recovery from normalcy after the shocking scenes of last Tuesday, northern Henan has been the hardest hit by storms in recent hours.

Passengers desperate to say ‘last words’ in the Zhengzhou subway

Recently, there has been a rare heavy rain in Henan Province (China). The sudden flood release in the provincial capital Zhengzhou City has exacerbated the local disaster. The flood caused countless casualties after flooding into the subway.

Passengers who survived the catastrophe described that the water in the subway was as deep as their necks, and the compartment was severely deprived of oxygen. After asking for help, many passengers dialed their phones to say “last words” to their families.

According to China media reports, starting from July 19, central Henan has been raining torrential rains. Zhengzhou, which was not listed as the core rainfall area by the Chinese Meteorological Department, also experienced rare torrential rains. Heavy water flooded into urban areas that could not be drained during the day on the 20th. And a lot of flood water poured into the tunnel of Zhengzhou Metro Line 5, and then flooded into the carriages full of passengers.

By the evening of the 20th, a large number of videos began to circulate on the Internet, causing great concern among the people. There is a picture showing that the water level has flooded the chest of most passengers.

On the subway platform where the floods receded, there were a few bodies of suspected victims lying down, only the eyes were temporarily covered with white cloth. At the same time, rescuers who arrived first performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation for passengers who still had signs of life.

A passenger who was in the train of Metro Line 5 recalled his own personal experience and said that when the train just stopped, the subway station staff did arrange for passengers to evacuate the train, but the water in the tunnel outside the train continued to approach. Had to return to the compartment.

But after returning to the carriage, the water had already reached his waist, and the water level was rising continuously, and everyone who had been standing on the floor stood on their seats. But the water continued to flow in, and in the end even standing on the seat, the water had already flooded his chest.

The passenger said that then he saw people around him showing symptoms of hypoxia and hypoglycemia, some shivering, panting, and retching. At that time, there were children, pregnant women, and elderly people in the carriages. Most of them suffered from various physical conditions due to prolonged soaking in the water. At this time he saw an aunt in the car started calling her family to explain her bank account and family affairs, and other passengers also started contacting relatives and friends to explain the funeral. “At the time, I was really scared when I saw the water level outside the car over my head. By the time I was ready, I was ready to not go out.”

The passenger also said that he wanted to contact a lot of people, but in the end he only contacted his mother and said, “Mom, I might be going to die, I’m a little scared.” As for what the mother said on the other end of the phone, he didn’t listen. clear. In short, from 6pm to 8:30pm on the 20th, he has been on the verge of collapse, but “slowly don’t have to collapse, because I also fainted due to lack of oxygen.”

Later, his mother called him to wake him up, and rescue workers finally arrived, smashed the glass of the car from the roof, and finally let air into the car, and some passengers were able to breathe again.

Another female passenger surnamed Li recalled that the train stopped running in heavy water at 6:50 on the evening of the 20th. Water continued to enter the carriage. At first, everyone didn’t care, until the water level continued to rise to the seat. Later, even if I stood on the seat, the water had already flooded my knees. Half an hour later, the heavy water flooded the shoulders of the passengers and the necks of some short passengers.

Li Nu pointed out that afterwards, the car started to lose power and the air conditioner no longer operated. When the water covered her waist and the water in the tunnel passed over the head, she began to send messages to her cousin and cousin: “I may not be able to get out, and my parents will ask you to take care of them in the future.” At the same time, she told her classmates to socialize. Account and password, if unfortunately, you will pass the bad news to your friends.

After that, she also saw that the passengers in the car became more and more agitated due to the thinning of oxygen. They took out their mobile phones and took pictures of the scene to ask for help from the outside world.

According to reports from the Chinese people, flooding occurred on multiple lines of the Zhengzhou subway on the 21st. The flood water poured into the underground tunnels, causing many trains to be soaked in water, and the flood water directly rushed into the carriages. Based on the figures reported by Chinese netizens, at least 400 to 500 people were trapped in the first place, and it lasted 10 hours.

However, the Zhengzhou Municipal Government issued a notice on the 21st that the flooding accident of Metro Line 5 caused a total of 12 deaths and 5 injured and sent to hospital. In this regard, the people generally expressed doubts.

(Source: Secret China)

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