Biden approval down 10 points, majority of Americans no longer believe U.S. is on right track

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According to a new poll, an increasing number of Americans are losing faith in the country’s current direction, and President Joe Biden‘s approval ratings are plummeting as a result.

The Hill reported the latest Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey, which found that Biden’s approval rating is at 52 percent, a 10 point drop from a month ago.

“Overall the country has come down from its mood highs as the Delta variant is putting a crimp in America’s plan to party now and go back to work after Labor Day,” said Mark Penn, co-director of Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll. He also assessed that Biden’s numbers show that America has moved past the “honeymoon” stage of his presidency’s first months.

While a slim majority of poll participants believe the US economy is still strong, the survey found that a growing number of people believe it is not. This coincides with a shift in public perception of the country’s overall performance.

“The percentage of respondents who say that the country is on the right track fell to 46 percent last month after peaking at 53 percent in June,” The Hill says in their poll summary. “The percentage who believe the country is on the wrong track simultaneously rose to 47 percent after dropping to 39 percent in June.”

The Harvard CAPS-Harris survey results corroborate a recent ABC News/Ipsos poll which found that the country is growing more pessimistic, and Biden’s approval ratings are slipping on multiple fronts.

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