US sends in B-52 bombers and Spectre gunships to bombard the Taliban

US sends in B-52 bombers and Spectre gunships to bombard the Taliban in a desperate bid to stop advance on three key cities in Afghanistan

President Joe Biden of the United States has ordered B-52 bombers and Spectre gunships to attack Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan who are marching on three important cities.

  • B-52 bombers and AC-130 Spectre gunships are attacking Taliban terrorists 
  • The Taliban have been advancing across Afghanistan as the US withdraws  
  • The Afghan army and Air Force have struggled against Taliban insurgents  
  • The UK government has advised all Britons to leave Afghanistan immediately 

The Cold War-era strategic bomber initially flew in the 1950s but is still in use today due to its 70,000lb payload and range of over 8,000 miles.

They are backed up by AC-130 Spectre gunships, which are outfitted with a 25mm Gatling gun, a 40mm Bofors cannon, and a 105mm M102 cannon, allowing them to deliver pinpoint accurate fire from the air.

After the US-led coalition withdrew from Afghanistan, the Taliban has been moving across the country, leaving the country’s faltering defense forces to deal with the militants.

The Taliban conquered Sheberghan city in Jawzjan earlier today, according to the area’s deputy governor.

After Zaranj yesterday, it is the second provincial capital to fall to insurgents in the last 24 hours.

Herat, Lashkar Gah, and Kandahar, where British soldiers were stationed during the Afghan campaign nearly a decade ago, are also under attack by the Taliban.

“The (government) forces and officials have withdrawn to the airport,” said Jawzjan deputy governor Qader Malia.

Since the withdrawal of American contractors, the Afghan air force is reliant on US-supplied aircraft and helicopters, which are running out of spare parts and trained technicians.

U.S. sends in B-52 bombers and Spectre gunships in a desperate bid to stop the advance of the Taliban on three key cities in Afghanistan, urges American citizens to immediately leave the country.

The B-52s and AC-130s are reportedly hitting rebels around Kandahar, Herat, and Lashkar Gar in Helmand Province, according to US defense officials.

The B-52s are based in Qatar, and the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan is stationed in the Arabian Sea. The nuclear-powered warship is equipped with a squadron of F/A-18 Super Hornets.

The Afghan Air Force has a few turboprop light attack planes, such as the A-29 Super Tucano, but only 30 pilots have been trained since 2015.

The last US military personnel are scheduled to leave Afghanistan on August 31, prompting the Taliban offensive.

The government has advised all UK nationals in Afghanistan to leave the country immediately due to the “worsening security situation” as a result of the deteriorating security situation.

On Friday, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office updated its website to advise against all travel to Afghanistan.

The change in advice comes as Afghanistan continues to be torn apart by Taliban forces sweeping across the country.

“All British nationals in Afghanistan are advised to leave now by commercial means,” according to the website.

‘If you are still in Afghanistan, you are advised to leave now by commercial means because of the worsening security situation.

“The level of consular assistance the British Embassy can provide in Afghanistan is extremely limited, including in a crisis. Do not rely on the FCDO being able to evacuate you from Afghanistan in an emergency.”

“In arranging your departure from Afghanistan, ensure your travel documents are up to date and that you have the necessary visas for onward travel.”

It added: “Terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in Afghanistan. Specific methods of attack are evolving and increasing in sophistication.”

“You should note an overall increased threat to Western interests in Kabul. Follow the instructions of local authorities. There is a high threat of kidnapping throughout the country.”

Afghanistan was already on the Government’s travel red list amid of the country’s coronavirus situation, but fighting has also intensified in recent days.

(Sources: AFP and Daily Mail)

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