Candace Owens says two of the attendees at Barack Obama’s birthday not vaccinated

Former president Barack Obama was dances without wearing a face mask in Mass., on Aug. 8, 2021

Conservative political commentator Candace Owens Sunday morning made a breaking comment on Barack Obama’s birthday party, that went viral on social media.

She tweeted that: “I now personally know that (at least) two of the attendees at Barack Obama’s birthday were not vaccinated.”

“I can confirm that vaccination was therefore NOT a requirement to attend his maskless bash. This is insane,” Candace added.

CDC reiterated vaccinated individuals should continue to wear face masks in public. This is due to a recent jump in Delta variant infections across the United States.

Earlier, Candace posted on her Twitter: “The entire mainstream media colluded to lie to the American people and pretend that Obama was scaling back his party. He didn’t. He went all in, maskless, inside.”

“But your children will be masked at school and you will mask on planes because you are the peasants they rule over,” she continued.

While Americans are being told to keep their events small, “wear a mask with two or more layers,” and stand at least six feet apart from each other, the former president Obama was caught on video dancing maskless among hundreds of also maskless party guests.

That’s why social media platform Twitter is abuzz today with “Maskless Obama”, “#ObamaVariant”, “Obamas” and “Michelle” trending.

By the end of the night, a parade of taxis and SUVs leaving leaving the 29-acre estate reportedly caused a traffic jam, which one police officer described as a “shit show” over his police radio, according to an event photographer.

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