San Francisco will require residents to show proof of full Covid vaccination

San Francisco Mayor Announces the City Will Require Residents to Show Proof of Full Vaccination Against COVID

Mayor London Breed announced Thursday that proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 will be required for a variety of indoor activities such as visiting restaurants, bars, and gyms.

“Many San Francisco businesses are already leading the way by requiring proof of vaccination for their customers because they care about the health of their employees, their customers and this city,” Breed said in a statement.

The regulation will be more strict than the one issued last week by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

All customers and employees in San Francisco will be required to show proof of full vaccination, whereas New York requires proof of at least one shot for indoor activities.

It will go into effect on Friday, but firms will have two months to verify employees’ vaccination status in order “to preserve jobs while giving time for compliance.”

The mandate does not apply to people ineligible for vaccines, including kids under 12.

In addition to the paper cards issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, California has established an online record with a barcode that vaccinated people can use to prove their status.

Los Angeles is considering a similar move, requiring at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine before entering indoor restaurants, bars, gyms, movie theaters, and other venues.

On Wednesday, city leaders voted to direct city attorneys to work out the details.

(Source: The Associated Press)

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