Afghanistan plane leaving: people try to jump in US Air Force as it takes off in Kabul

Afghans Try To Jump In Planes Taking Off, People Fall From Planes High In Air

Images from Afghanistan showed large crowds running in front of US military cargo planes taking off, forcing the military to use helicopters to clear people off the tarmac so the planes could take off.

Afghanistan falling from planes

Other images showed objects falling from the cargo planes once they were hundreds, if not a couple thousand feet, above the ground after takeoff.

Just moments after the military plane left the runway on Monday, the two young men can be seen falling onto the tarmac, local media reports.

They were among the thousands filmed chasing after and climbing onto the military plane as it prepared to take off.

A US official said troops had fired in the air to deter people trying to force their way onto a military flight that was set to evacuate American diplomats out of the fallen city.

The Taliban swept into Kabul on Sunday after President Ashraf Ghani fled the country, bringing a stunning end to a two-decade campaign in which the US and its allies had tried to transform Afghanistan.

The US Embassy has already been evacuated and the American flag lowered, with diplomats relocating to the airport to aid with the evacuation.

Afghanistan: Hundreds swarm Kabul runway as US plane evacuates people

Another video showed crowds scaling a jet bridge at the airport, trying to push their way onto a plane parked on the tarmac.

The video was posted to Twitter on Monday morning by Nicola Careem, BBC South Asia’s bureau chief.

“This is, perhaps, one of the saddest images I’ve seen from Afghanistan,” Careem wrote. “A people who are desperate and abandoned. No aid agencies, no UN, no government. Nothing.”

U.S. suspends flights at Kabul airport after Afghans swarm runway

The United States has suspended operations at Karzai International Airport in order to clear the airfield of Afghans attempting to flee from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

“The US military has suspended air operations at the Kabul airport while troops try to clear the airfield of Afghans who flooded the tarmac, per [CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr]. Biden’s national security advisers have made clear this a.m. they don’t consider the airport secure right now,” CNN’s Kaitlan Collins tweeted on Monday morning.

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