CCP newspaper suggests U.S. will abandon Taiwan after Afghan collapse

China Taiwan tension

On Monday, one of China’s official mouthpiece newspapers questioned whether the US would defend Taiwan in a conflict following the collapse of the Afghan government, demonstrating how the messy American exit from Kabul has far-reaching global consequences.

The state-affiliated Global TimesThe had series of tweets following the debacle in Afghanistan.

“If war breaks out across the Taiwan Straits, will US keep its promises?,” the Global Times tweeted in one such post. “Some media asked after US hastened pullout from #Afghanistan#US has never promised to send troops if conflicts occur across the Straits, an expert in Taiwan said.”

In another provocative tweet, the newspaper’s top editor questioned whether any American ally could rely on U.S. promises going forward.

“Afghans have no confidence in the US and US-supported regimes. I believe their distrust reflects the fact that the entire world has lost confidence in the US: Editor-in-Chief Hu Xijin #HuSays” the tweet declared.

In a third tweet, the Chinese newspaper mocked a U.S. retreat from Kabul under President Joe Biden.

“The ‘fall of Kabul’ rings the funeral bell of US hegemony,” the paper crowed. “If the US decides to launch military actions elsewhere with the excuse of  ‘democracy, human rights or rules-based order,”’ very few countries would keep following it: experts and media.”

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