Black swan landed on Tiananmen Square, after a warning from Xi Jinping

Black swan landed on Tiananmen Square, causing heated discussion of tourists being evacuated

In the morning of Sep 5, a black swan “visited” Tiananmen Square. Afterwards, the onlookers were evacuated by the authority staff. The incident triggered heated discussions among netizens at home and abroad.

According to the state media “Beijing Daily”, after the flag-raising ceremony that day, the black swan suddenly landed on Tiananmen Square. It combed its feathers in the square and strolled in the courtyard sometimes, without intending to fly away.

The swan’s “world-wide” appearance attracted crowds of onlookers and filming, while the staff “immediately maintain order”, “evacuate onlookers”, and contact relevant departments. At 8 o’clock in the morning, the black swan was taken away by the animal protection department and sent to Shunyi District.

It is speculated that the swan may have flown from a nearby park.

Xi Jinping calls China to prepare for black swan events

For several years now, President Xi has been warning about possible “black swan” and “grey rhino” events.

In this January, Chinese state-run media reported that Xi ordered government officials to “prevent and defuse major risks” to “ensure a healthy economy and social stability”.

A “black swan” is an unpredictable event with extreme consequences, while a “grey rhino” is a big and visible threat that goes largely ignored.

Now amid a world still struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, President Xi has renewed his calls for the Chinese government to prepare for “black swan” events and enacted a number of different policies to do so in Beijing’s latest five-year plan.

Heated discussions among netizens

After the incident was reported, a Weibo netizen asked, “Why did the swan not pass the security check when the tourists were evacuated?” “Break through the defense line of low and slow flying objects, which is known as’really golden’.”

Some netizens also joked that this was a “black swan incident”. , And asked, “What is good and bad for the Lord?” “Could it be…” Soon, these messages were all hidden.

Black swan landed on Tiananmen Square, causing heated discussion of tourists being evacuated
Black swan landed on Tiananmen Square, causing heated discussion of tourists being evacuated

Black swan events generally refer to very unpredictable and unusual events that usually cause negative market reactions and even subversive effects. It exists in various fields such as financial markets, commerce, economy, and personal life.

Regarding the black swan flying from Tiananmen Square, heated discussions by Chinese netizens also appeared on Twitter.

Someone mentioned that at the Politburo meeting on January 28 this year, Xi Jinping only asked to prevent the “black swan” and “gray rhino” incidents; and recently, the CCP’s Cyberspace Administration of China also “published” financial news content from the media in violation of regulations. Carry out rectification and prohibit financial self-media from “badging” China’s financial market and China’s economy.

“As soon as the voice fell, the black swan landed on Tiananmen Square. It seems that the sudden economic collapse is a matter of minutes, and the biggest uncertainty comes from Beijing and from the political center.”

Some people also think that on September 2, the Chinese Communist Party just publicly confirmed that it would establish the Beijing Stock Exchange. They said, “(Black Swan) really picks time” and “It’s really ironic.”

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