Pfizer’s Covid vaccine efficacy against infection plunges to 20% after 6 months

Two weeks after receiving a first dose of Pfizer, the injection was 36.8 per cent effective at preventing infection, rising to 77.5 per cent effective a month after the second dose, they said. But protection against catching the virus then drops for four months and then falls quickly to 20 per cent effective around five to seven months after the second jab

Pfizer’s Covid jab is only 20% effective at stopping people getting infected after six months, real world data revealed on Sept 8. The finding is based on a study used data from Qatar, where 1million have been jabbed with Pfizer.

Pfizer vaccine efficacy against infection plunges to just 20%

The study showed protection gradually wanes, plunging to just 22.3 per cent after six months among fully-vaccinated people, Daily Mail reported.  

But scientists insist protection against severe illness and death remains high after half a year, sitting at around the 90 per cent mark.

  • Some 947,035 people received at least one Pfizer vaccine by September 5, of which 96 per cent were double-jabbed.
  • An additional 564,196 people had had at least one dose of Moderna, of which 88 per cent had both. But this group was not included in the study.  
  • Some 8,203 infections were spotted among people who received one dose of Pfizer, while 10,543 infections occurred among double-jabbed people.   
  • By the end of August, 377 people who had one dose of Pfizer were hospitalised, 32 went to ICU and 34 died from the virus.
  • Meanwhile, 106 people double-jabbed with Pfizer were hospitalised with the virus, 10 were admitted to ICU and 15 died from the virus.

The researchers used this data to estimate Pfizer’s effectiveness. Protection against catching the virus then drops for four months and then falls quickly to 20% around five to seven months after the second jab.

Qatar’s vaccine program

Qatar began its vaccine rollout program in December of last year, using the Pfizer vaccine and administering doses three weeks apart. In March, it began to deliver Moderna’s similar jab.

The vaccinations were given in the same order as in the UK, beginning with health workers, adults with underlying health conditions, and people over the age of 70, and working down the age groups.

As of September 7, at least 90% of those over the age of 12 had received at least one Covid vaccine, and 80% had been double-jabbed.

Pfizer asks FDA to authorize its COVID shot for kids aged 5-11

Pfizer Inc and its German partner BioNTech SE have asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to expand emergency use of its COVID-19 vaccine to include kids between ages five and 11.

When the vaccine was originally authorized for use by the FDA in December 2020, it was only for those aged 16 and older, before being expanded to those aged 12 and older in May.

The FDA is planning to move quickly and has a meeting tentatively scheduled to discuss the matter on October 26.

Officials are expected to make a decision – which would make 28 million kids eligible – between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Virus killing fewer than 530 kids since pandemic began

Recently, pediatric cases increased from 71,726 per week at the beginning of August to more than 243,000 in September, fueled by the Delta variant.

However, they now appear to be trending downward with 173,469 reported last week, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

There have also been 520 pediatric deaths since the start of the pandemic, indicating children make up less than 0.1 percent of all deaths. 

Currently, no evidence suggests the Delta variant is more dangerous in kids than previous strains of the virus.

Because of this low risk of severe illness, polls have shown that many parents are not inclined to vaccinate their children.

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