Fox’s John Roberts: Death of Colin Powell raises ‘new concerns’ about vaccines

Fox News anchor John Roberts

Fox News anchor John Roberts tweeted on Monday that Colin Powell’s death raises “new questions” about the coronavirus vaccines.

Powell’s family announced Monday morning that the former secretary of state and chairman of the Joint Chiefs passed away “due to complications from Covid 19.”

“He was fully vaccinated,” the family noted. Roberts took note of the fact that Powell had been vaccinated, in a tweet.

“The fact that Colin Powell died from a breakthrough COVID infection raises new concerns about how effective vaccines are long-term,” Roberts tweeted Monday morning before deleting the post.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there have been roughly 7,000 breakthrough cases resulting in death, Peter Hotez of the Baylor College of Medicine noted. 6,000 of those are over the age of 65.

Roberts’ comment also came shortly after Fox & Friends co-host Will Cain commented on how Powell’s death.

Cain noted that there will be many conversations about the fact that Powell was fully vaccinated and still succumbed to the potentially deadly pathogen at 84.

“There will be many conversations in wake of this death, there will be honoring this man, this public servant, this human being, who was a professional soldier for 35 years,” he offered. “We can reflect on his life and we should. There also be conversations about the fact he was fully vaccinated, according to his family and he died from complications from  Covid.”

“We are beginning to see statistics like this grow in frequency,” Cain continued. “We know the vaccine does wane over time in its ability to protect you from not just its transmission and infection but severe complications and hospitalization and obvious, death well. We know it’s beginning to spill over covid into the vaccinated population.”

“Again, Colin Powell in the direct age demographic that offers the most from complications from Covid,” he added. “but I think everyone watching needs to be aware of limitations — and protections — that we all have all offered ourselves through this pandemic in all of this potential risk.”

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