The reason for Steele’s ABC interview: Truth Over News

The reason for Steele’s ABC interview: Truth Over News

After five long years, dossier author Christopher Steele has finally emerged for a public interview with ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos.

Steele was portrayed as a “former intelligence officer”—as if he were an official representative of the British government. Steele, who left his desk job at MI6 in 2009, was actually a paid political operative of the Clinton campaign and a paid informant for the FBI. Steele, whose dossier was pivotal to establishing the Russia collusion narrative, was also employed by real-life Russian oligarchs, including Oleg Deripaska.

Steele’s dossier has been roundly discredited and proven to be demonstrably false. His own sources have disavowed his reporting.

The timing of Steele’s interview is notable, coming on the heels of Special Counsel John Durham’s indictment of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann and ongoing litigation involving Steele by Alfa Bank.

Steele is also the subject of a recent court order requiring that Steele testify in ongoing litigation against Fusion GPS, the firm that hired him.

Watch on Truth Over News:

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