Ireland is 91% vaccinated but Covid-19 hospitalizations is soaring

Ireland is 91% Vaccinated and Covid is soaring

As reported in the Irish Times, two of the three most COVID-infected electoral areas in Ireland are located in the county “with the highest rate of vaccination in the country.”

IRELAND’S COVID SITUATION has deteriorated in recent weeks. Despite high rate of the vaccine rollout over the course of the year, the country has seen a notable rise in the number of hospitalizations, ICU admissions and deaths as a result of Covid-19 since the end of the summer.

The state’s chief medical officer, Dr. Tony Holohan, said he was “increasingly worried about the rising incidence of the disease nationwide” and that the primary focus “must be to protect the most vulnerable from Covid-19.”

The data published by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) found that between 1 April and 16 October this year, there were 402 deaths in Ireland of people who had had a confirmed case of Covid-19 and who were notified to the HPSC as having died from the disease. Of these:

  • 42% of people (or 155 deaths) were among people who died 14 days or more after receiving all recommended doses of a vaccine.
  • 55.7% of people (or 224 deaths) were among people who had received at least one dose of a vaccine;
  • 44.3% of people (or 178 deaths) were among people who had not been vaccinated or had not been registered as vaccinated on Ireland’s Covid-19 immunisation system.

Irish county with 99.7% vaccination rate has highest COVID case rate

With 99.7% of adults in the Irish county of Waterford having received the COVID shots, they have the highest per-capita case rate of COVID anywhere in the country.

The Irish Times reported last week that with one Waterford city district at a 14-day incidence rate of 1,486 cases per 100,000 of the population, Waterford has the highest incidence rate of anywhere in Ireland. The COVID case rate is three times the national average, which in itself has been increasing steadily in recent weeks, despite 91% of Irish adults being vaccinated.

“Waterford has the highest rate of vaccination in the country with 99.7 per cent of adults over the age of 18 (as registered in the last census) fully vaccinated,” reports the Irish Times. “The county has gone from having one of the lowest rates of Covid-19 infection in Ireland to one of the highest.”

Here’s similar situation in Singapore:

U.K. data already shows that the vaccinated are infected at a greater rate per capita – in some cohorts twice the rate – for every age group over 30.

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