3-year-old girl dies just days before Christmas after receiving a mandatory COVID-19 injection

Ámbar Suárez died just days before Christmas after receiving a mandatory COVID-19 injection in order to attend school.

Ámbar Suárez died of heart attack one day after taking Chinese Covid vaccine in order to attend school.

A three-year-old child died of a heart attack in Argentina the day after receiving the COVID vaccine required for kindergarten entry, her mother said.

Miryam Suárez told Telefe Tucumán that the vaccine and government mandate killed her daughter, Ámbar Suárez, who had been healthy and “full of life.”

“I pre-enrolled her in school so that next year she would enter kindergarten, because now they force you when it comes to the vaccine,” Suárez said. “She was healthy. She was fine. She was not ill and didn’t have COVID.”

On December 16, Suárez took her daughter to get vaccinated. Ámbar passed away the next day after collapsing while playing with her friends.

Ámbar simply collapsing and falling, Suárez said, “I cannot believe it.”

The government “demands so much that they get the vaccine, and I know that the vaccine killed my three-year-old daughter,” the devastated mother continued. “She was fine. She did not have any health issues, nor was she a sick child. She was healthy, full of life.”

“This government that forces you [to get the vaccine] killed my three-year-old baby.”

Ámbar received the Chinese Sinopharm vaccination, which Argentina approved in October for children aged three to eleven.

On December 17, the Tucumán Ministry of Public Health issued a statement regarding mbar’s death, adding that authorities have initiated an inquiry into the incident:

On Thursday, December 16th 2021, at 12:00 pm, a three-year-old patient in cardiorespiratory arrest entered the Emergency Room of Hospital del Niño Jesús. Advanced resuscitation was performed and, when there was no response, [Ámbar Suárez’] death was declared. She has a history of taking the first dose of the Sinopharm vaccine the day before. Following protocol, police and judicial personnel have intervened and have ordered her autopsy. Considering the history of COVID vaccination, contact with family members has been initiated to gather pertinent information, evaluate other background information, and initiate an investigation of this unfortunate episode.

Argentina announced last year that it would vaccinate all children above the age of three by the end of 2021.

“Argentina will finish 2021 with the full coverage and protection of people aged over 3 years,” health minister Carla Vizzotti vowed in October.

COVID-19 poses almost no risk of death or serious disease to children and teenagers. According to the American Pediatric Association, between 0-0.03 percent of COVID cases in children under the age of 18 in the United States have resulted in mortality. Coronavirus survival rates for all age groups under 60 years old have been estimated to be no less than 99.7 percent.

Several deaths and significant injuries, including heart inflammation and other cardiac abnormalities, have been documented in children shortly after receiving a COVID vaccine. VAERS, the US government’s vaccine injury tracking system, has reported scores of incidents of children dying within days of inoculation.

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