The following is a detailed chronological timeline showing the relationship between BIDEN’s political activities and the Chinese business conducted by HUNTER and his associates.

A detailed timeline of Biden/China corruption

2005 – 2006 Circumventing campaign-finance laws (alleged)
▪ In January, associates of HUNTER established Rosemont Capital. 2006
▪ In 2006, HUNTER in charge of Oldaker Biden & Belair.
▪ In mid-2006, HUNTER and brother James, acquired the hedge fund Paradigm.

2007 – Meeting with CPC Politicians
2008 – 2009 – Partnering with China’s Foreign Influence Organizations

2010 – Hunter Courts Chinese State Money

2011 – Hunter’s Undocumented Visit to China & Biden’s Trip to China and Sichuan.

2012 – Hunter’s First China Deal – Wanxiang & Archer’s China Deal – Sichuan Chemical.
▪ On October 29, Thornton’s LIN visited local government officials in Xinjiang meeting with executives from Sichuan Chemical for the second time.

2013 – Hunter’s Second China Deal – BHR | Biden and Hunter visit China and meet BHR CEO LI.

2014: Biden, Hunter and Archer Play Golf.

2015: Hunter’s Third China Deal – Sino-Ocean. BHR and AVIC Auto Acquire Henniges.

2016 – BHR buys stake in Congo mine. On September 8, China Molybdenum enters into an agreement with Freeport McMoran to purchase 56% of a holding company with ownership of an operational mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with BHR purchasing an additional 24%.

2017 – Biden Meets with Hunter’s China Fixer, Lin

2018 – Bulger and Lin Participate in Chinese Propaganda

2019 – Hunter Denies Benefiting from China Deals

2020 – Biden Center Hosts China Research Symposium

(Source: CombatLVL Twitter)