According to Wolfe County Search and Rescue, a four-year-old Kentucky boy fell into a 70-foot gorge and survived (WCSART).

Southern Living reported, the boy—who has yet to be named—was hiking with his parents near the Princess Arch in Kentucky. The boy is said to have fallen 70 feet down the Red River Gorge from a cliff.

“During the fall, the boy struck multiple ledges and encountered sheer drops of ~30 feet, falling ~70 feet in total,” WCSART stated on social media.

The boy’s father dashed down the cliff to save his son after he fell. Rather than carrying his son back up the cliff and waiting for help, the boy’s father carried him downhill, over a suspension bridge, and waited for help at Kentucky highway 715.

“Team members rendezvoused with the father and son as he reached highway 715. Incredibly, while the child was certainly scraped up and bruised, he appeared to be otherwise okay,” WCSART said.

The boy was very responsive when the rescue team arrived, and he talked about superheroes, but “the only super hero present was him,” according to the rescue team.

WCSART described the fall as, “nothing short of a miracle.”