Over the past half-century, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has begun to “evolve” the West through a number of covert channels. However, these actions did not arouse enough alarm in the United States.

The relatively complete checks and balances in Western society in the mid-20th century left the CCP with few loopholes to exploit, and it could only keep a low profile. But after the 21st century, the CCP took off its mask and struck with methods depicted in the film Godfather, using money, lust, and intimidation to manifest its will. Many people, without a foundation of steadfast beliefs, have become corrupted by the CCP.

A Bloody Price for Being Ignorant of the CCP’s Evil Nature


After victory against the Japanese in 1945, the CCP’s army, supported by the former Soviet Union, immediately started a civil war in China. However, under the CCP’s united front propaganda, the appeasement forces in the United States failed to recognize the CCP’s evil nature and even stopped supplying arms to the Nationalist army (Kuomintang) in the civil war. The Truman administration believed the CCP’s rhetoric of democracy and freedom, which allowed the CCP to violently seize power.


It was only in 1948 that the Truman administration began to recognize the brutal methods of the CCP and offered full assistance to Chiang Kai-shek’s government. But by then it was too late, and Chiang eventually retreated to Taiwan.


On June 25, 1950, the Korean War broke out and the United States responded hastily to the war. The first Smith contingent airlifted to the Korean Peninsula was surprisingly ill-equipped for the job. The United States was forced to return to the battlefield, but it still has no desire to fully defeat the communist forces. It only wanted to maintain the 38th parallel, hoping to negotiate peace and end the war as soon as possible. This point has been promoted by the Chinese Communist regime as a draw with the United States.


On June 9, 1951, General Douglas MacArthur, commander-in-chief of the United Nations forces in Korea, was removed from his post by Harry S. Truman. General MacArthur returned to the United States and delivered a speech to Congress titled “Old Soldiers Never Die.”

In his speech, General MacArthur stated: “There are some who for varying reasons would appease Red China. They are blind to history’s clear lesson, for history teaches with unmistakable emphasis that appeasement begets new and bloodier war. It points to no single instance where this end has justified that means, where appeasement had led to more than a sham peace. Like blackmail, it lays the basis for new and successively greater demands until, as in blackmail, violence becomes the only other alternative. Why, my soldiers asked me, surrender military advantages to an enemy in the field? I could not answer.”

General MacArthur’s words were unfortunately true, and the cost to the United States afterwards was tremendous.

The U.S. Appeasement Policy Has Once Again Unleashed the Beast


In 1991, when the former Soviet Union collapsed and the Cold War ended, the United States celebrated its victory, but once again ignored the evil nature of the CCP and deceived itself with its policy of engagement.


The U.S. helped the Chinese Communist Party enter the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001.

The United States has sent the most foreign currency and technology to the Chinese Communist regime, and many American politicians and businessmen mistakenly believe that they are “peacefully evolving” and changing their enemies in the Cold War. They are unaware of the fact that in the eyes of their enemies, the United States is the one being “peacefully evolved.”

The Chinese communist economy became the second-largest economy in the world, and still refuses to decouple from the United States. This is not surprising: data from the official statistics department of the Communist Party of China indicated that 80% of China’s international trade comes from the United States. Even now, Wall Street and many big corporations are still fantasizing about restoring relations with the CCP.

Releasing a beast back to the wild can cause profound danger. Seventy years later, the scale and depth of the CCP’s unrestricted warfare has done comprehensive damage to the United States.


What happened in 2020 has awakened many and frustrated many, but many people are still unwilling to face the cause of the issue. Fortunately, the Trump administration has reversed the U.S. appeasement strategy against the CCP in four years. The CCP’s spreading of the virus has also awakened more Americans.

The fraudulent 2020 U.S. election, the black money transfused from the CCP, the remote control of voting software, the instigation of violence by the communist group Antifa, and so on, have shocked the world and are becoming a turning point for more people to wake up.

How Does the CCP Infiltrate and Manipulate the United States?

In an article titled “Resisting Beijing’s attempt to reshape and dominate the world is the challenge of our generation” published in the Wall Street Journal on December 3, 2020, John Ratcliffe, Director of U.S. National Intelligence, said that the CCP poses the “greatest threat to democracy and freedom worldwide since World War II.”

In a live video broadcast by the Guan Video in Shanghai on November 28, Di Dongsheng gave a speech. He is the deputy dean of the School of International Relations at Renmin University of China, the deputy director and secretary-general of the Center for Foreign Strategic Studies of the Communist Party of China, and a distinguished researcher of the International Monetary Institute. He has a reputation in their circles for being able to “fool Westerners.”

“Why is it that between 1992 and 2016, we were always able to resolve issues with the U.S. Don’t you guys realize? All these crises, the Yinhe incident, the bombing of the Embassy or the Hainan Island incident, everything was taken care of swiftly, in no more than two months,” said Di.

“Why? Because we have people up there, in America’s core circle of power we have some ‘old friends’!”

Di revealed that, in the eyes of the CCP, the U.S. is not a country, but only disjointed interest groups, and there is nothing money cannot achieve there. “If one pile of money doesn’t do the job, two piles will,” he says. Thirdly, the U.S. is controlled by a deep state, and it consists of various interest groups and social elites.

Di Dongsheng cited the example of an elderly American Jewish woman who warmed up to the CCP during its leader’s visit to the United States in 2015, which led to her manipulating public discourse in favor of the CCP. The Jewish woman was the president of a top Wall Street financial institution in Asia. She didn’t only have Chinese citizenship, but also had a Beijing household registration and a courtyard house in Dongcheng District near Tiananmen Square.

Di Dongsheng mentioned that after Trump was elected president of the United States in 2016, Wall Street could not handle Trump, and the CCP could not corrupt Trump. So the CCP helped Biden’s son to establish a fund globally, and is making strategic moves for Biden to take power.

After Biden was established as “president-elect” by the leftist media, interest groups within the U.S. also took the opportunity to call on Biden to “restore communication channels between China and the U.S.”

At this time, the CCP, which had been dealt a heavy blow by the Trump administration, thought that the obstacles had been removed, so scholars and experts within the CCP began to envision a return to the days before Trump took office – “if one pile of money doesn’t do the job, two piles will” – to fix Wall Street and fix the United States.

This is exactly what General MacArthur had predicted.

Awakening Around the Globe

There is a saying that evildoers do not think they are bad. When they are accustomed to conquering everything with profit and lust, they think they have the whole world.

But the rest of the world does not think this way. Human rationality and humanity’s moral bottom line have not reached the point of no return yet. The world is not a stage for evil forces.

On November 29, 2020, the Financial Times cited a draft plan in which the EU called on the United States to create a global alliance to meet the challenge of the Chinese Communist Party.

On December 3, the U.S. State Department confirmed that it will cancel 10-year travel visas for Communist Party members and their families to the United States, limiting them to a maximum of one entry per month.

On December 7, twenty-seven European countries formally adopted the Magnitsky Act to establish a global human rights protection mechanism.

Also on December 7, the United States announced that it would hold all 14 vice chairmen of the Chinese Communist Party’s National People’s Congress accountable for undermining Hong Kong’s autonomy and impose sanctions banning them from entering the country. Their assets in the United States would also be frozen.

No More Appeasement; Never Give Up

Since Biden has already started the transition process as the media announced him as “president-elect,” he has access to the presidential briefings, in which Ratcliffe reveals more details of the CCP’s infiltration of the United States and the process in greater detail. If Biden is allowed to stay in the White House, then “hard drive gate” will remain hidden and the mainstream media will continue to turn a blind eye to it.

The CCP’s deep infiltration and direct manipulation of the U.S. election has now plunged the entire United States into a constitutional crisis. Election fraud already abounds in the bastion of democratic societies. The CCP used this coup orchestrated by American interest groups in its attempt to destroy the president elected by 74 million legitimate voters in the United States.

As General MacArthur said, we are now paying for our past appeasement in the high cost it takes to stop this takeover.

But, to General MacArthur’s credit, the world is waking up; God’s people have vowed to “never give up.” Uphold the principles and do not give up hope even in the darkest of times. This nightmare will pass!