The Arizona Senate held a hearing yesterday with audit officials which revealed mind-blowing discrepancies including over 74,000 more ballots RECEIVED by Maricopa County than the number of ballots sent out.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers demanded decertification of this fraudulent election.

When asked about the hand-count of ballots, Doug Logan briefed America on some of the discrepancies that they are finding with duplicated ballots.

Doug Logan: So, on the actual manifest that the far left column has the manifest batch number. And then if you look right next to it, there’s actually what the observed batch number was with it. You’ll notice that the first few ones are actually correct. But then you get down to MC 171634 which is about halfway down, you’ll notice that it’s its naming convention is as if it is an original, but it is actually a duplicate.

Duplicate ballot batches should match up to the original batch with the same serial number.

Doug Logan: And you’ll notice that the last column is a serial number, but they’re in groups of three, which shouldn’t really happen. So we have two original ballots that have the same exact serial number, and we have only one that was duplicated from it. And these are just a handful of examples that we have to go through. And so we have a whole bunch of ballots that also don’t have any serial number of them so it’s quite possible that for the second one of the same serial number, there’s another one that matches up with it, that literally doesn’t have a serial number on it, but it creates a lot of time and difficulty in resolving these issues when it was, was not done in a manner where it’s easy to match up.

And there may be some explanations as to how and why serial numbers get duplicated. It doesn’t seem like a good practice anyway that you look at it, but if it’s well documented, and there’s some easy way for things to be audited, then you’re in good shape but that’s one of the problems we’ve run into is that so many of the issues we’ve encountered through things makes it very difficult if not impossible. In order to audit things. I mean, you know, it’s our goal, going through there to give some irrefutable proof to make sure that we know that things were solid or that they’re not. And these types of problems make it very difficult for us to be able to say absolutely on certain aspects.

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