The Arizona audit report is released today (Sep 24) during an Arizona Senate Hearing scheduled at 1 p.m.

All audit reports can be found here:

Here are some of the findings from the AZ Hearing:

Citizen Free press shares:

The number of illegal ballots found in Maricopa County (more than 55,000) is over 4 times the current amount separating President Trump and Joe Biden in Arizona.

Arizona election audit report just released

The official Arizona Senate’s election audit findings were just released. The official documents were obtained and released by Constitutional attorney Matthew S. DePerno.

Official Arizona election audit report
Official Arizona election audit report

This Friday afternoon Attorney General Mark Brnovich issued a statement announcing he will take the necessary action necessary supported by the evidence and where he has legal authority.

Via the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.:

“I will take all necessary actions that are supported by the evidence and where I have legal authority. Arizonans deserve to have their votes accurately counted and protected.” Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office (AGO) has an Election Integrity Unit (EIU) that will thoroughly review the Senate’s information and evidence. The AGO cannot comment on specific allegations until its review is complete. For more on EIU actions, click here.

Attorney General Brnovich has taken numerous actions over the past year fighting for election integrity in Arizona, recently winning at the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in Brnovich v. DNC. General Brnovich also consistently supported the Senate’s authority to conduct the audit, and in December 2020 the AGO filed an amicus brief supporting the Senate’s subpoena authority. General Brnovich also called for an increase in the hand count audit by Maricopa County back in November of 2020 to increase voter confidence in the results.

The audit has been referred to the Arizona Attorney General for further action

LIVE: Release of Arizona Audit Report

On Friday, the Arizona Senate releases its long-awaited audit report of the 2020 election in Arizona.

Senate President Karen Fannand Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Warren Petersen receives the report on the Senate floor at 1 p.m. followed by a detailed discussion of its findings.


Trump drops statements on Arizona audit report

Former President Trump has released several statements about the Arizona audit this morning. Here’s the latest one, calling for Arizona to IMMEDIATELY DECERTIFY

“It is not even believable the dishonesty of the Fake News Media on the Arizona Audit results, which shows incomprehensible Fraud at an Election Changing level, many times more votes than is needed. The Fake News Media refuses to write the facts, thereby being complicit in the Crime of the Century. They are so dishonest, but Patriots know the truth! Arizona must immediately decertify their 2020 Presidential Election Results.”

In second statement, the President shared:

The Fake News is lying about the Arizona audit report!  The leaked report conclusively shows there were enough fraudulent votes, mystery votes, and fake votes to change the outcome of the election 4 or 5 times over.

The first statement is as follows:

Over 50,000 ILLEGAL votes in Arizona, and most are mail-in ballots?