Auditors have been conducting the Arizona election audit at Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix since April. Here’s the update of Arizona election audit:

July 26: Arizona Audit To FINISH Paper Recount TOMORROW – They Need The ROUTERS

On Monday, the Arizona audit continued with the third paper recount, the Cast Vote Record analysis, and other accountability procedures.

Audit Spokesman Randy Pullen previously told The Gateway Pundit that they are able to count a box of ballots in less than five minutes and that this process would be finished by Wednesday this week. This process does not tabulate votes. It only counts the number of ballots.

Randy Pullen said they will likely finish counting on Tuesday. By Friday the audit team is expected to start evacuating the Wesley Bolin Building.

The volunteers will count during another night shift tonight and they expect to have only four pallets left on Tuesday.

The final report is expected some time in mid-August but they still need the routers, logs, and system keys in order to complete a full forensic audit and ensure that the voting machines weren’t tampered with.

The recent Arizona Senate hearing revealed worst in class IT security practices and bizarre discrepancies that the County refuses to provide answers to.

The routers and passkeys will show us what happened internally but the proof is in the numbers. This extra recount will verify that the ballot totals do not match up with the certified total as expected.

AZ Senate President: Ballots Arrived to Audit Stuffed in Boxes, Protocols Abandoned

In an interview with The Western Journal, Arizona state Senate President Karen Fann revealed that the audit of the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County has uncovered a slew of questionable practices that cannot go unchecked.

One of the most shocking revelations came when Fann revealed that ballots had been shoved into boxes and presented to the auditors.

“The ballots, when they showed up, literally, they are in boxes that are literally just stuffed in there,” Fann said. “They’re supposed to be organized. There’s supposed to be these pink sheets between that says there are certain numbers there, a certain number of ballots there. There weren’t.”

“So the auditor, literally, in trying to preserve everything the exact way it is, had to, like, very carefully take [the ballots] out to do what we needed to make sure we put them back exactly as we found them, even though it was a mess,” Fann added.

“They withheld the blue tally sheets,” she said. “We have not gotten the chain of custody [documentation for ballots]. We have not gotten the routers, the passcodes, the fobs.”

Fann also revealed that Maricopa County officials have not even been able to access certain necessary information.

“Maricopa County doesn’t even have control over their own election system,” Fann said. “Only Dominion has those passwords and they have 24-hour-a-day access to those computers.”

Arizona Senate President makes first announcement about audit results – July 14

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann on Tuesday said that the 2020 presidential election audit’s ballot count led by Cyber Ninjas differed from the Maricopa County tally, and that the discrepancy prompted the election review team to acquire new machines to recount the ballots.

“They haven’t released a number yet,” Fann, a Republican, said during in an interview with KTAR. “However, we do know that those numbers do not match with Maricopa County at this point.”

Jack Sellers, the chairman of the county’s Board of Supervisors, told the Arizona Mirror that he was not surprised by the claim.

Cyber Ninjas has “cycled through processes and procedures, chasing conspiracy theories while volunteers with no elections experience tried to accurately count votes as they spun by on turntables. Elections experts from across the country have said this method is flawed and will produce incorrect results,” he said.

The Arizona Senate Democratic Caucus also pushed back against Fann’s remarks, saying in a Twitter post, “This is a lie.”

Arizona Senate conducting new count of Maricopa County ballots

The ballots cast in Arizona’s largest county in the 2020 election will be counted for a third time on orders from the state’s Senate.

Nearly 2.1 million ballots submitted in Maricopa County for the presidential contest were tabulated, as normal, by election officials. They were recounted by hand by audit teams hired by the Arizona Senate in a process that was completed late last month.

Now the Senate will do its own recount that will provide a number to compare to those from the county and from the auditors.

“Maricopa County says there’s 2,089,563 ballots. We did the hand count, and they’re finalizing that number, but we just wanted a third number to tie everything together, make sure we have more—the more data points, the better,” former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, the Senate’s audit liaison, told The Epoch Times.

The new count will focus on the number of ballots and will not count the actual votes, unlike the first two tabulations.

The Senate will use two counting machines that it purchased to complete the count, Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, a Republican, told the Arizona Republic.

President Trump is coming to Arizona

Former President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit Phoenix on July 24 to attend a rally, marking his first visit to the state following his failed 2020 presidential reelection campaign, and where an audit regarding the 2020 election is being held.

The event, “Rally To Protect Our Elections,” is being hosted by Turning Point Action, part of Turning Point USA, a political action nonprofit organization that supports the former president. The rally is scheduled to be held at Arizona Federal Theatre in downtown Phoenix.

Founder Charlie Kirk announced Trump’s upcoming visit in a Twitter post on Friday.

President Trump is coming to Arizona for his first post-presidency rally in America’s most important swing state,” his tweet said.


The Arizona audit continues and will not stop until every damn ballot, router, machine, and server is verified. The main reason the forensic audit is taking 2.5 months is because Maricopa County Supervisors and Recorder have obstructed the audit and refused to cooperate.

June 28th: Updates from Arizona Audit and Schedule Release

OAN’s Christina Bobb Releases Latest Updates from Arizona Audit and Schedule Release

June 25th: Paper Analysis COMPLETED – What’s Next?

It appears that the Arizona audit has finally finished with the paper evaluation phase and they are now removing tables from the floor as they vacate the coliseum.

There are only a few volunteers on the floor completing the quality control checks, according to the Gateway Pundit.

The audit team is still lacking the subpoenaed routers, logs and passwords, so litigation is expected in order to obtain that information. They will need this information to complete the full forensic audit. Legislative subpoenas for this data were issued on January 13, 2021.

Christina Bobb reported on One America News that she anticipates the results will be released in two phases. On Monday we may see a preliminary report, which details the accuracy of the number of certified ballots. Next, we should expect to see a full forensic report which details the forensic images and ballot findings.

Upon release of the forensic report, we will know if Attorney General Brnovich needs to get involved and pursue an investigation.

Other states are looking to start a full forensic audit of their own but Republican legislators in these states are not standing up for their constituents.

June 24th: Boris Epshteyn said Nuclear Earthquake Coming Out Of Arizona Audit

Former special assistant to Trump, Boris Epshteyn, who has been following the Arizona election audit closely, revealed Friday morning on the show that there’s a ‘nuclear earthquake’ coming out of Arizona with the forensic results.

Democrats appear to be in panic mode over it, knowing the truth is coming out and they can’t stop it. All the early attempts to prevent the audit in Maricopa County failed, so now they’re turning their attention to what could soon be coming out of Georgia, which is believed to be far worse than Arizona.

“In Arizona, they’re now doing quality control, in fact, they’re triple checking the count now, for what I’m hearing is that the concerns (AZ state auditor) Karen Fann laid out in her letter over a month ago now and the deep issues of missing ballots, and issues of replaced/removed/repositioned databases, remain issues today, Epshteyn said, who is close to the audit.

“Soon enough, we’re going to see some public information that’s going to be a nuclear earthquake in terms of what’s coming out of Arizona,” Epshteyn added.

June 24th: A Recap in the Last Days of the Arizona Audit

Randy Pullen, a former chairman of Arizona’s GOP serving as a volunteer consultant to the Arizona Senate, sat down in an interview at the audit site with The Sun Times to discuss their months of work. He shared that they would likely be finished by Saturday. Pullen said that they’ve averaged over 125,000 ballots a day at this point.

Pullen shared that it’s taken their workers a while due to the inconsistencies in the ballot batches. With each inconsistency, the workers must flag the legal counsel and officials to document the issue.

“Originally, what the counties said was that each batch was in plastic bags. Then, [we] discovered that each batch has only pink sheets [batch sheets] between them. Or, the pink sheets are stacked together on top of all the ballots. Those [ballots] are counted, but there’s no identifiable way to determine which batch they are a part of,” said Pullen. “Everything is legally documented. If everything is perfect, then there’s no problem. But here’s what happens: the batch sheet says there are 200 [ballots] but there’s only 190. Then legal counsel has to document that there’s only 190.”

When asked when the company in charge of the audit, Cyber Ninjas, would finish their analysis, Pullen estimated the end of July at the earliest. The only problem, he said, concerns the tabulating machines and routers. Auditors don’t have access to those yet because election officials won’t turn them over. Pullen said that this presented an issue – especially because election officials reportedly lack the passwords to the tabulators.

Arizona Audit: Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward Corrects The LYING Anderson Cooper

The Arizona Republican Party released another Arizona audit update from the wonderful Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward.
Dr. Ward trashed the false narratives portrayed by the media and leftist extremists like far left Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

The lies are only getting bigger as we come to a close on the Arizona audit. Soon we will have the TRUTH.

Arizona Senate to Adjourn BEFORE Arizona Audit Results Released

The Arizona Legislature is preparing to adjourn for the year and go home until January 2022, leaving their post BEFORE the Arizona audit report is produced and legislation can be created.

If the AZ Senate does not delay sine die (the end of session), new election laws will not be created until they meet again next January. If it is found that fraud occurred in Maricopa County, the legislature will not be able to consider withdrawing electors.

Unless AZ Governor Doug Ducey calls a special session, Legislators will go home until January and no action will be taken.

Arizona audit finishes with hand count, closing in on end of paper evaluation

The 2020 election audit in Arizona’s largest county is projected to end by June 26, officials said in a new update.

Audit teams led by Florida-based Cyber Ninjas finished counting virtually all of the nearly 2.1 million ballots earlier this week, with fewer than 100 braille ballots remaining to be counted.

Workers were shifted to performing evaluation measures on the ballots after they finished the counting.

Teams are looking at “anything related to whether the ballot was authentic,” Ken Bennett, a former Arizona secretary of state who’s serving as the state Senate’s audit liaison, told last week.

But audit teams are still expecting to do some work in July, with their final report not expected out until August.

Teams are still examining data pulled from the machines as the ballot evaluation continues, according to Bennett.

Arizona Senator: State lawmakers prepared to act on findings

The Arizona legislature is ready to take action if the election audit taking place in the state’s largest county uncovers irregularities, a state senator said.

“It’ll be our duty to act in whatever way is appropriate,” Arizona Sen. Wendy Rogers, a Republican who has been closely tracking the audit in Maricopa County, told The Epoch Times.

Alexander Kolodin, who formerly represented Cyber Ninjas and remains a lawyer for the Arizona GOP, said in a recent interview that the audit “is going to show that something went wrong, because something goes wrong in every election.”

“I think even Maricopa County would probably admit that the question is, to what degree did it go wrong? Okay, that’s question one. But even that doesn’t tell you so much. It went wrong, and someone caused it to go wrong. The next question is, does the audit tell you who caused it to go wrong?” he said on NTD’s “Wide Angle.”

“If the audit illuminates that there’s [sic] vulnerabilities in X, Y, and Z parts of our election system, state legislatures can target those with a laser beam and fix X, Y, and Z parts of our election system,” he added.

What’s ballot adjudication and how does it affect Arizona audit?

Adjudicated ballots are a key issue in the Arizona presidential election audit because of unfounded allegations that those ballots could have been fraudulently altered to benefit Joe Biden.

Maricopa County’s 2.1 million ballots, the subject of the Arizona Senate-ordered audit, had an 11 percent adjudication rate, according to ABC 15.

When a voter tabulation machine can’t read an early voting ballot for any reason, the ballot is ejected from the machine for a process called adjudication. In Maricopa County, teams of two people, a Democrat and a Republican, examine these ballots in an effort to determine voter intent.

Key Pennsylvania state senator backs Arizona audit

The Pennsylvania state senator in charge of a key election committee is backing an audit of the November presidential contest similar to Arizona’s partisan ballot review, four days after former President Donald Trump called him out and claimed he was dragging his feet.

Despite two audits and assurances from every level of government that the election was free of widespread fraud, Sen. David Argall, R-Schuylkill, told Spotlight PA he does not see the “damage in doing it one more time to try to answer the concerns that people have.”

But such an effort, particularly if advanced by just one political party, will be sure to attract criticism and come with critical questions, including how much it would cost, who would pay for it, and why it would be any more trustworthy than the widely accepted audits already completed.

Ken Bennett: “Everyday This Week Some Elected Official Is Coming”

Arizona election audit live stream

Here’s the webiste of Arizona election audit live stream:

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