Arizona Republicans are calling on their party’s chairwoman, Dr. Kelli Ward, to resign.

The news comes after the Maricopa County audit ‘confirmed Joe Biden’s victory’ in the state earlier this week, much to the delight of moderate Republicans, Democrats, and the media.

However, Republicans such as Kelli Ward and others continue to believe that the audit revealed major flaws in the 2020 presidential election.

“She has caused a fracture in our party. She has operated outside of it for the purpose of helping herself,” Supervisor Clint Hickman said in an interview on Friday with KTAR News.

Hickman said that the board has “always tried — this county has always tried to work with the legislative branch and the judicial branch to bring out evidence and fact,” and said that those who supported the audit “decided to act on conjecture, apparently.”

Republican Supervisor Bill Gates stood with Hickman in calling for Ward to resign.

“I stand w/ my colleague here calling for @kelliwardaz’s resignation,” he said on Twitter. “The @AZGOP’s done nothing but push lies about our electoral system, ignore down ballot races, & lose federal & state elections under her leadership.”

Reactions to the call for Kelli Ward to resign

Paul Gosar, a Congressman for AZ’s 4th District, responded to Bill Gates: “The audit has 100% vindicated all of @kelliwardaz hard work. She’s staying in office and is stronger than ever. I’ve worked with all the prior @AZGOP chairmen and respected them but none more than Kelli. None of your comments are accurate.”

Meanwhile, attorney Jenna Ellis tweeted: “Arizona RINOS go after Trump ally. Stand with @kelliwardaz!”

Dr. Kelli Ward also reacted to Bill Gates: “This guy is featured by the @ProjectLincoln pedophiles in their newest endeavor to destroy America. Sick.”

Kelli Ward calls for a new ‘full signature audit’

After results of the Arizona audit were released on Friday,

Dr. Kelli Ward took to Twitter to call for another audit while insisting that Friday’s results indicated “possible malfeasance.”

“Amazing report from Dr. Shiva,” Ward tweeted. “Many questions for Maricopa County as well as exposure of incompetence & possible malfeasance. A FULL SIGNATURE AUDIT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! #AmericasAudit”

Shiva Ayyadurai, hired as an expert for the audit, said that the audit showed thousands of mail-in ballot envelopes were missing legible signatures and that thousands of duplicate ballots could have been included in the results.

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