On Monday, the investigation by Attorney Matthew Deperno into the Antrim County Michigan Dominion Voting Machines is reported. A team of seven highly trained forensic IT experts conducted the forensic examination.

On Sunday morning, the seven-people IT forensic team arrived. Mr. Bailey and his attorney Matt DePerno were given access to the county building and started gathering the forensic evidence.

After 8 hours, the collection was complete. 16 CF cards (similar to SIM cards), 16 thumb drives, and forensic images of the Dominion voting machines was in hand. The IT team was escorted to the local Antrim County Airport by two Antrim County Sheriff vehicles, where they boarded their jet plane with evidence in hand, according to The Gateway Pundit.

Tonight Attorney. DePerno went on Greg Kelly on Newsmax. The information he shared was explosive.

Matthew DePerno: Well the Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said it happened by human error. We discovered that’s not true, that’s a lie. It didn’t happen by human error. It happened by a computer program called Dominion Voting System. And through our lawsuit we were able to get access to the Dominion Voting System program and my team went on last Sunday and we took forensic images on that computer system, 16 CF data cards, 16 thumb drives, and we got the forensic image of the actual tabulation machine in the Antrim County clerk office.

Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis: ‘Independent team’ involved in forensic audit of 22 Dominion machines in Michigan

Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis told Fox Business on Monday that investigators could find more answers about the Dominion Voting Systems machines following allegations that they switched votes in other areas. Dominion officials and its CEO have said it’s impossible to switch votes from one candidate to another.

“This is really important … because we have an independent team that is there that has gotten all of this imaging, and they spent about eight hours yesterday doing that forensic audit. We anticipate having the results by tomorrow,” Ellis told Fox host Charles Payne on Monday afternoon.

Ellis did not elaborate on the “independent team” in question. On Sunday, she told Fox News that Trump’s team gained access to the machines.

Officials with Antrim County have not responded to a request for comment.

“This is incredibly important to the election integrity effort as a whole because this isn’t just the Trump campaign that’s interested in having answers to these machines,” she added, while asking: “Were they connected to Wi-Fi? Why did these so-called glitches happen? What really is the system that is behind all of this?”

Fellow Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani last week said it was a “big win” that the Michigan judge ordered the audit of 22 Dominion machines. The legal challenge was related to a marijuana proposal brought by voter William Bailey, and the judge ordered Allied Security Operations Group to gain access to obtain forensic images of the election equipment, reported WPBN-TV. (More detail)

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