Michigan Constitutional Attorney Matthew DePerno released his long-awaited Michigan Elections Forensics Report on Friday, showing 66,194 unregistered ballots tallied in JUST 9 COUNTIES.

Updated: Matthew DePerno files a lawsuit, challenging voter fraud

Michigan attorney Matthew DePerno filed a lawsuit, challenging voter fraud and electronic meddling with 2020 elections in his state.

“Our states give access to people to the qualified voter rolls,” DePerno explained. “We believe that the state of Michigan has given over 32 groups access to the qualified voter roll.”

The lawsuit, filed last week, is based off several forensic reports. These reports revealed thousands of ballots were illegally cast for Joe Biden and there was electronic manipulation of votes.

“That includes Rock the Vote, the Clinton campaign, all of those people have access to the voter roll and can make changes to it at any time,” DePerno said. “Add people to it, take people out. During the election, the night of the election, the day after the election.”

Matthew DePerno also cited a report by Cyber Ninjas, who found Dominion voting machines in Antrim County provided unauthorized access to third parties, allowing vote tallies to be changed in real-time. He added this could be direct evidence of votes being switched from President Trump to Biden by foreign countries and Democrat operatives in Washington.

“Based on data, we believe we can identify foreign connections to the particular MAC or IP addresses in particular counties across the state. Interference, foreign interference, even domestic interference from D.C.,” Matthew DePerno explained. “Certain people making attacks on counties, on Election Day hitting particular targets and firewalls.”

Additional evidence by Allied Security Operations Group, also cited in the lawsuit, found Dominion machines in Michigan were designed to create systemic fraud and change election outcomes.

“They all have the same vulnerabilities that we’ve found. They have the same backdoors that we’ve found,” Matthew DePerno said. “They’re designed intentionally to allow for this type of problem. There’s no reason you couldn’t create or design a system that is secure.”

The lawsuit contains dozens of pages of data from Michigan voting machines, including unauthorized software and the fragments of code that were arguably compromised.

Matthew DePerno report: 66,194 unregistered ballots tallied in just 9 counties.

Five massive documents totaling 262 pages contain findings and exhibits for evidence of extensive fraud with regard to the 2020 election.

Matthew DePerno provided a series of tweets and graphs (graphs from Dr. Douglas Frank) with explanations that showed a statistical impossibility between predicted registration vs. turnout in Antrim County and 8 other counties. Michigan is attempting to prevent the truth from coming out, as suspected.

Matthew Deperno found out that modem chipsets installed in voting system motherboards and 66,194 unregistered ballots tallied in just 9 counties.

Matthew DePerno said this lawsuit will start a domino effect exposing election fraud in other states, and show that Joe Biden’s purported victory was illegitimate.

Here are the links of findings from Matthew DePerno report:

Modem chips embedded in Dominion Voting System computer motherboards

Following is the discovery unearthed by Attorney Matthew DePerno during his investigation into Antrim County election fraud.

  • ES&S DS200 voting machine was found to have a Telit LE910-SV1 Modem Chip installed on its motherboard
  • Chip utilized a commercial Verizon SIM card with an Access Point Name (APN) configuration specific to the ES&S DS200 provisioning.

What does the Telit LE910-SV1 Modem Chip do?

  • Enable communication between voting system equipment and election servers
  • Designed to operate on a virtual private network
  • Testing has revealed that the same SIM card could be used in a separate wireless hotspot device. This device could then join the same APN as the ES&S voting machines.

Why is this important?

  • ES&S equipment is used in eight Michigan counties: Alcona, Bay, Emmet, Grand Traverse, Kalamazoo, Macomb, Mason, Roscommon
  • It demonstrates that computers can be connected to internet without any discernable ethernet or external modem connection
  • It demonstrates that Dominion Voting Systems are not the only electronic voting system with security vulnerabilities
  • It is very difficult to detect unless you pry open the machine case to investigate the hardware
  • It drives the imperative for disciplined hardware certification as well as software certification
  • Anyone with access to any SIM card could have pre-programmed access to the APN.
  • It demonstrates how electronic voting systems could be connected to the internet with minimal risk of detection.

Antrim County: Cover Up?

Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy is digging into her own bag of tricks in an attempt to deceive people determined to get to the bottom of what truly caused a 5,754 vote flip from Donald Trump to Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

Matthew DePerno: What is Michigan’s Secretary of State Benson hiding?

Matthew DePerno discussed the actions of Michigan’s Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson. In DePerno’s report on page five, DePerno notes the following about Benson:

What Is Michigan’s Secretary of State Benson Hiding? Why Is She Not Complying with Subpoenas and Delaying Producing Elections Material Requested?
What Is Michigan’s Secretary of State Benson Hiding? Why Is She Not Complying with Subpoenas and Delaying Producing Elections Material Requested?

Why is the Secretary of State of one of the largest states in the Union trying to obfuscate and delay the work of good people who want to get to the truth behind the 2020 election in her state?

Report on Antrim County error keeps battle over records

William Bailey of Central Lake Township is again accusing Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson of is withholding records she’s been ordered to turn over as part of an ongoing election fraud lawsuit in Antrim County.

This has become a theme in the lawsuit filed by Bailey in November alleging election fraud in Antrim County and potentially across the state.

Both sides say the other isn’t providing information or access to witnesses for depositions. Bailey’s attorney, Matthew DePerno, claims he can’t prepare witnesses for deposition until he has all of the election information from Benson’s office.

Attorneys for Benson have said they’ve provided nearly everything requested, but Matthew DePerno now alleges a report Benson’s office publicly released on March 26 proves that’s not true.

In a Friday court filing that asks Antrim County Circuit Judge Kevin Elsenheimer to extend the discovery window, Matthew DePerno said the 54-page report in question “clearly relies on information previously requested” but not yet disclosed.

Bailey’s lawsuit focuses largely on Dominion Voting Systems tabulation machines and software that initially reported incorrect unofficial elections results in Antrim County, indicating former President Donald Trump lost the Republican-leaning county.

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