Joe Biden appeared to fall while climbing the stairs to board Air Force One for a trip to Atlanta, Ga., on Friday.

Video appears to show the 78-year-old president tripping up the stairs three times, falling down on his hands and knees the final time. Biden quickly recovered, continuing to the top of the stairs before turning around for a salute.

White House blames wind for Biden fall on Air Force One steps

A White House spokeswoman said Friday that President Biden fell on the steps of Air Force One because “it’s pretty windy outside.”

White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters aboard the presidential aircraft that she also was nearly toppled by the wind.

“It’s pretty windy outside. It’s very windy. I almost fell coming up the steps myself,” Jean-Pierre said.

She added the Biden “is doing 100 percent.”

White House communications director Kate Bedingfield tweeted, “I know folks have seen that President Biden slipped on his way up the stairs to AF1, but I’m happy to report that he is just fine and did not even require any attention from the medical team who travels with him. Nothing more than a misstep on the stairs.”

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Weather report tells different story

However, a simple glance at the weather report proves that her claims are nothing but fake news.

“WH Spox Jean-Pierre says the wind was so strong, it knocked Biden over and that’s why he fell three times boarding Air Force One. She’s lying”, tweeted John Cardillo.

“Weather at Joint Base Andrews shows only 6-14 mph winds which are considered light to moderate breezes by the National Weather Service,” he added.

Biden falls multiple times as he scales Air Force One stairs

President Biden stumbled twice and fell as he scaled the stairs to Air Force One on Friday at Joint Base Andrews.

The president was briskly climbing the stairs to the presidential jet before appearing to trip, attempting to gather himself, then tripping again. A reporter in the pool following Biden reported that it’s a windy day at Andrews.

From one camera angle, Biden’s entire torso went out of view when he stumbled the second time, though his hand can be seen still holding onto the railing of the jet stairs. Biden then got up and made it the rest of the way up the jet stairs.

Another video angle shows that Biden was down on his knee for a moment, before getting up and pausing briefly with one hand on the railing and the other rubbing his knee.

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Biden keeps falling up the stairs as he boards Air Force One

The 78-year-old commander-in-chief had his hand on the railing when he tripped twice before falling over the third time as he flew up the stairs of the idling aircraft at Joint Base Andrews.

After recovering, Biden appeared to take a moment to dust off his knee before finally making his way to the top. He then gave a salute before ducking into the cabin to take off for Georgia.

In November, Biden suffered a hairline fracture in his right foot while playing with his rescue dog Major, requiring him to wear an orthopedic boot for several weeks.

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Biden’s fall becomes his meme as president

President Biden’s bad trip has become quite the meme drop on Twitter.

“This will be the Air Force One in a few days” after Biden falls:

Joe Biden and Jason Derulo simultaneously fall down Air Force One”

“They can churn these videos out quickly can’t they! Biden falls up the stairs to Air Force One but you’ll never guess why”

“Jen Psaki confirms White House making some ‘modifications’ after President Biden falls while boarding Air Force One.”

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