A video featured on the YouTube page of President Joe Biden’s White House has the comments disabled, stopping Americans from leaving their comments below the video.

The video, titled “President Biden Swears In Day One Presidential Appointees at the Virtual Ceremony,” was posted on January 20, the day he was inaugurated.

“Comments are turned off,” a message below the video reads.

There were only around 116,000 views of the video as of Thursday morning. It also has more than twice as many so-called “down” votes as “up” votes by viewers.

Screenshot: YouTube

A hyperlink from YouTube near the notification about the comments being “turned off” directs users to the a page titled, “Learn why comments are disabled.”

The message from YouTube can be viewed, below:

Comments may be turned off on a video because:

In another section, YouTube says comments could be disabled to “protect minors.”

“Comments on some videos may be turned off by YouTube for safety reasons, like to protect minors. We know that comments are important to creators and viewers alike, but we also take the safety of minors very seriously,” YouTube says. “This is not a result of the content violating our guidelines.”

Meanwhile, a video of former President Trump posting on January 8, titled “Message from President Trump”, attracted more than 4 million views with 271K “up” votes by viewers.

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