Boris Epshteyn, former special assistant to President Trump, joined The War Room to give updates on the Audits within the U.S.

Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin Moving For Full Forensic Audit.

“The Dominoes Are Starting to Fall – The Freight Train Is Coming Across the Country”

Boris Epshteyn joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss the latest developments in the Arizona forensic audit.

Boris Epshteyn: Vernon Jones press conference yesterday in Georgia, let me tell you, absolutely groundbreaking… The Dominos are starting to fall. The freight train is coming across the country…

Steve Bannon: As Dr. Peter Navarro said Georgia is the cesspool. Wisconsin is the easiest to prove. As you said, Boris, all the problems in Arizona that we’re finding and is going to flip to Trump. Mike Lindell says 80,000. Navarro says a couple hundred thousand… As bad as Pennsylvania is, and Michigan and Wisconsin, and all this, that Georgia’s the cesspool and that’s why Vernon is going for it.

Boris Epshteyn: I’m hearing rumblings out of Pennsylvania, of course, Michigan we know what’s going on there in Antrim County and Michigan broader. Wisconsin, very easy. Wisconsin, just Milwaukee, Dane County, where Madison is. We know from the audit that was already done in those two counties that they found over 200,000 unlawful ballots there in an election that was decided by 20,000.

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