On June 2, former special assistant to President Trump, Boris Epshteyn told The War Room audience the update on the freight train of audits headed across the country.

Epshteyn said that audits revealing stolen election is the ‘biggest political earthquake in history’.

He also noted that, the freight train of audits is traveling across the country!.

Boris added, “To all of those on CNN/MSNBC who are absolutely obsessed with this story, here’s my message: You are right, you should be obsessed with this story because this is the biggest political earthquake in the history of the United States of America!”

Epshteyn: Freight train of election audits going to Wisconsin, Michigan, and Nevada

Boris Epshteyn: Obama Rigged the 2008 Election

In response to President Obama’s condemnation of Donald Trump’s claims that the 2016 election is “rigged” against him, Boris Epshteyn accused the president of “rigging” his own election in 2008.

Epshteyn told host Jake Tapper, “There is voter fraud in Pennsylvania, Colorado, North Carolina, all over this country.”

He added: “Barack Obama may have won in 2008 in North Carolina due to illegal voting.”

“I am sure there is voter fraud, and I am sure that people who should not have voted voted,” Tapper replied, “but you are suggesting, stunningly, that the only reason President Obama won North Carolina in 2008 is because of corruption in the electoral process and it’s an astounding charge that I have never heard before you said it.”