The Washington Times reported Sunday that it had obtained a three-page, highly classified memo from September 2016 in which the CIA informed then-FBI Director James Comey that the Hillary Clinton campaign was planning to blame “collusion” between the Trump campaign and the Russian government for the release of embarrassing emails.

After a release of previously classified documents by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, Americans had already learned that then-President Barack Obama had been informed by then-CIA Director John Brennan of the Clinton plan.

However, the memo reported by the Times is an apparently explicit warning from the CIA to the FBI of what the Clinton campaign was up to. The Times headlined its report: “How CIA tried to wave FBI off Trump-Russia conspiracy as it pointed the finger at Hillary Clinton.”

It raises the possibility that an honest investigation will reveal evidence that the FBI under Comey was all too willing to play along with the enthusiastic involvement of agents like the disgraced Peter Strzok.

American voters have every right to know whether he was involved in the attempt to kneecap Trump’s candidacy, which in turn plagued the Trump presidency, given that Democratic nominee Joe Biden was the vice president at the time all this was happening.

When Ratcliffe announced the declassification on Tuesday, Trump campaign spokesperson Tim Murtagh said Americans deserve to know the reality of what happened.

“It is imperative that the American people now learn what then-Vice President Joe Biden knew about this conspiracy and when he knew it,” Murtagh said in a statement.

“What did Biden know about Clinton’s plan to use the Russia Hoax to try to smear her political opponent? Did Biden condone the plan? Did he express any misgivings about it or remain silent? Biden must give a full accounting of his knowledge and his conversations about Clinton’s scheme, which was known to the highest reaches of his administration.”

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