Despite all of the unresolved issues that came with allowing mail-in voting during last year’s general election, Democratic lawmakers on Thursday, Jan. 28, introduced a bill that will make that system of voting permanent by expanding it.

The bill, known as the “Vote at Home Act” seeks to “massively expand vote-at-home ballot access.” The bill was filed in the Senate and the House by Sen. Ron Wyden and Rep. Earl Blumenauer, respectively. Both legislators represent the State of Oregon.

According to a statement released by their offices, the legislation follows the “successful” expansion of alternative options to in-person voting with nearly 50 percent of the November 2020 voters using mail-in voting options, which is an all-time high for federal elections.

“Our democracy is stronger when every American can vote, without standing in ridiculous lines or having to take time off work or school to exercise their Constitutional rights,” said Wyden.

“The individual right to vote, the cornerstone of our democracy, is under threat in communities across America,” said Blumenauer. “We should continue to make voting easier, not harder. This important bill would strengthen and clarify the right to vote at home, the most secure and convenient way for voters to exercise the franchise.”

Expansion of voting by mail ignores potential increase in voter fraud incidents

The bill will expand voting by mail in four different ways. First, it will give all registered voters ballots several weeks before Election Day, which will supposedly allow voters to “carefully research candidates and issues.” Second, the bill allows registered voters to cast their ballots through mail or a drop-off site.

Third, the legislation will provide the Postal Service with funding, supposedly to cover the costs that are associated with giving every single registered voter in the country a ballot and then collecting them and sending them to ballot counting stations. The two Oregon Democrats claimed, albeit without evidence, that funneling millions of dollars into the USPS would “reduce a major barrier for voters” and would save taxpayers money.

Finally, the bill will compel states to enact automatic voter registration as soon as a resident provides their identification to a state motor vehicle authority.

The bill already has 13 co-sponsors in the Senate. If no Democrat breaks ranks and the Republicans don’t filibuster it, then it will likely pass in Congress without much difficulty.

This bill is just one of many attempts by Democrats in both the House and the Senate to reintroduce bills that failed to pass during previous congresses that revolve around voting and elections.

For example, Democrats in the Senate are attempting to reintroduce a bill known as the “Honest Ads Act,” which would give the government more control over election advertisements that show up on social media.

Critics of expanding mail-in voting have repeatedly warned that such efforts can lead to an increase in voter fraud, allegations of which were abundant during the previous election but were never addressed because of interference or a lack of action from election officials, national legislators, the Justice Department and the mainstream media.

Oregon is one of a handful of states that had mail-in voting options prior to the 2020 election and is one of the first states in the country to vote almost entirely by mail.

In fact, it has been noted that the Vote At Home Act emulates a lot of the ways Oregonians have been voting for decades, wherein state residents are automatically registered to vote when they obtain a driver’s license and mail-in ballots are sent directly to their homes. (Related: Democrats are lying: Vote fraud IS real and it’s been occurring in THEIR cities for years, says an operative who ran ballot fraud operations for Dems.)

“Our 30-year-old vote-by-mail system took a turn on the national stage as states across the country shifted to voting by mail, and voting early, to enable people to vote safely and securely,” said Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, who is also a Democrat. Brown has signaled her willingness to work with Congressional Democrats regarding establishing a nationwide mail-in voting system.

A lot of the issues with regards to voting by mail never went away with the ushering in of the new Democratic administration.

(Source: Natural News)