Melissa Carone is a brave Dominion whistleblower who came forward on election night 2020 to claim major systemic voting fraud at the TCF Center in Detroit. The CEO of Dominion Voting Systems, John Poulos, testified before the Michigan Senate this week.

But Carone said Poulos made a lot of lies during the Senate hearing:

  • Poulos lied about: underneath the tabulating machines at the TCF Center there were no steel ballot boxes holding the ballots as they were counted.
  • Melissa Carone says Dominion’s internal documents refer to its software pedigree as coming from Smartmatic, which was designed to help fraud Venezuelan elections in 2004, even though Poulos has tried to say that this is nothing but a ‘disinformation’ campaign.
  • Dominion is a far-left company whose employees and owners made countless’ anti-Trump and anti-Republican statements on the election night when the votes were tabulated. Although Poulos claims they are non-partisan, Carone says they were left-wing extremists.
  • Poulos told the Senate that all digital records are backed up by paper ballots, but that ignores what Carone and others, including Shane Trejo, Jose Aliaga, and others, saw an illegal 4 am Biden Ballot Dump, eight hours after the deadline. Due to Michigan election law, the ballot box that is missing cannot be recounted, and 71% of Detroit’s absentee ballot boxes are missing.
  • Poulos told the Michigan Senate that only by counting votes, they have no hand in running elections, but Carone says one of her Dominion colleagues, Samuel, was sent to the “Chicago Warehouse” around midnight on election night to help handle and process ballots before they arrived at the TCF Center.
  • Poulos also told the Senate of Michigan that ballots did not cross state lines, although absentees certainly did, and Melissa Carone witnessed military ballots coming in from outside the state.
  • Poulos rejected the explosive report from Michigan’s Antrim County, and Melissa Carone refers to it as disproving the claim that the results of Dominion machines do not change. That report published in the wake of Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s protests, is the only full-scale forensic audit of Dominion Voting machines, showing electronic logs deleted against state law at the end of November, a total lack of security around voting machines, and a staggering 68 percent error rate for ballot processing, enabling electoral officials to manually change ballots.
  • Melissa Carone says that Dominion was trying to do a security update the day after the election that would likely wipe out the logs and proof of voter fraud from its machines. She is worried that any forensic audit may be too late, as state lawmakers and investigators have wasted so much time collecting evidence, only yesterday sending subpoenas that Dominion had the time to cover its tracks.
  • Poulos told the Senate that, except for a specialized machine for disabled access, Dominion machines were not equipped with USB drives, although Melissa Carone says that is not entirely true. Carone has internal Dominion documents that show that the machines can be networked via USB or Ethernet ports.
  • The tabulating machines were not networked or connected to the internet, Poulos also said. Carone says that even though she was not allowed to manipulate the machines, she personally witnessed a network connection between the machines. According to Carone, what Poulos left out is that Dominion tabulating machines are designed with an internal modem and are capable of being networked. Melissa Carone has Dominion’s internal documents that seem to validate her claim: demonstrating that the machines are indeed able to be networked. Importantly, this corresponds to what was observed by several other witnesses, including former State Senator Patrick Colbeck, whom Carone saw at the TCF Center inspecting networks between machines.
  • Melissa Carone also says that the co-owner of Dominion, Nick, was present at the TCF Center but was deliberately omitted from the list of people present.
    Melissa Carone said: “It would be too noticeable if the owner was present, so they want to cover that up, but I met him that night, I spoke with him that night, he was there even though they say he wasn’t.”

She noted:

“This isn’t about me as a person, this is about the election fraud I saw happen in front of me at the TCF Center. We should be held to the same standards when we’re under oath. The things he’s saying are 100% in conflict with things that I’ve said. What I’m saying is the truth. My story won’t change.”

Melissa Carone says she has more internal Dominion records, videos, and text messages to post, to further confirm the authenticity of her allegations, and to prove that Dominion helped to steal the vote from President Trump.

“They’re scared of me. And they should be,” she said.

(Source: The Gateway Pundit)