Former President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., continued his attack on Joe Biden on February 27 at CPAC 2021.

Trump Jr. blasted President Biden’s first 30 days in office, taking aim at his executive order eliminating US energy and “caving” to China. 

“Who would’ve thought that within 33 days, we’d be bombing the Middle East again?” Trump Jr. exclaimed, referring to the US airstrike on Iranian proxies in Syria. “Speaking of bombing the Middle East, have you seen Liz Cheney’s poll numbers?”

He went on a tear against Liz Cheney for backing “RINO policies,” calling her “Lincoln Project Liz.”

“Her politics are only slightly less popular than her father is at a quail hunt,” Trump Jr. jabbed the GOP congresswoman. “Liz Cheney hates Donald Trump and his policies because her family has a long history of friendly fire, but she also hates them because she’s tied to an establishment that has done nothing but failed us time and time again.”

Trump Jr. poked fun at CNN host Brian Stelter, tying him to Hasbro’s recent announcement that it was stripping the gender of its classic toy Mr. Potato Head. 

“If Hasbro really wanted a gender-neutral Mr. Potato Head so badly, they should just slap a picture of CNN’s Brian Stelter on the cover of their next potato,” Trump Jr. quipped. “What? They don’t call him Mr. Potato Head for nothing!”

Trump Jr. later turned to Cuomo’s scandals, both his nursing home controversy and the sexual harassment allegations he is now facing, and took shots at his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who he referred to as “Fredo.”

“Imagine [Florida Gov.] Ron DeSantis did what [Gov] Cuomo has done over the last couple of years. He wouldn’t be getting an Emmy, he’d be in jail,” Trump Jr. insisted. “Credible accusations of harassment swept under the rug, verbal harassment swept under the rug, hiding evidence from the DOJ swept under the rug, no problem. Give him an Emmy! Remember Fredo when he was talking about it for months? Where’s Fredo? He’s so quiet these days! Why isn’t Fredo talking about these things right now?”

He mocked CNN, “‘Oh, we can’t address that,’ but you had no problem joking around with massive Q-tips, making clowns of yourselves for months prior.” 

Trump Jr. closed his speech by teasing his father’s address on Sunday, promising that it would not be a “low-energy” address. 

Here’s the video of his speech at CPAC:

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