Earlier today, auditors in Windham, New Hampshire started testing if “folds in ballots” impacted the vote counts in the 2020 election.

The recount of the votes was very close to the hand recount from November 12. That means the voting machines are confirmed to be unreliable.

The audit, set in motion by a new state law, included a thorough examination of the four AccuVote Machines, the automated vote counters.

Windham auditors say that the fold effect might explain the discrepancies but there could be more going on.

If the machines are found unreliable this new evidence could affect elections in at least 4 New England states.

Heather Mullins from Real America’s Voice reported on this development.

On May 18, The Valley News reported:

The recent results — discovered by the audit of the four machines — showed that the Republicans had actually received about 220 additional votes than what had been announced on Nov. 3, perhaps illustrating a problem with the 40-year-old computer system.

Meanwhile, the Democratic candidate for the House got approximately 125 fewer votes.

Hand-counting by volunteers, which is continuing, began Monday, and volunteers were asked to look for fold lines on the ballots that might have been missed by the scanner.

The issue began after the vote-counting machines had finished their work on Nov. 3, revealing a victory for Republicans.

Democratic House candidate Kristi St. Laurent asked for a recount, which revealed the GOP candidates had actually won by even larger margins.

Corey Lewandowski, the one-time Trump campaign manager and Windham resident, said at an event with proponents of the audit recently that he has discussed the town’s audit with Trump.

“This isn’t just about the town of Windham,” he said. “We’re seeing things take place across this entire country.”

In a statement earlier this month, Donald Trump congratulated “the great Patriots of Windham, New Hampshire for their incredible fight to seek out the truth on the massive Election Fraud which took place in New Hampshire and the 2020 Presidential Election.”

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