The Center for Security Policy, a US think tank, held a seminar on the US election and other topics on December 7 . Phil Waldron, a retired U.S. Army colonel, said at the meeting that manipulating the U.S. election is only part of the overall plan for communism to invade the United States.

Waldron said, “I think the election is just a small piece of that piece of pizza. The (over-limit) war takes place in the education system, in the judicial system, in many ways, and (election) is only part of it.”

“I think this is pure Maoism (Mao Zedong), pure Marxism (invasion of the United States). Its purpose is to end the will of the people, turn them into sheep, and let them follow it and follow everything about it,” he added.

He stated that it is necessary for the United States to investigate the company’s ownership of the voting system used in the general election .

“This is a very hidden circular organization, and the ownership of these companies is very vague.”

Regarding the ownership of these companies, he believes that the U.S. Treasury Department needs to conduct in-depth research, “to determine who is the owner, whether it is a foreign government official? Is it a commercial enterprise owned by the CCP ? There are (still) many Iranian companies here, and the Treasury Department needs proceed checking.”

Waldron stated that the voting machine that controls the US election “is not tabulating, but calculating in a variety of ways. They can directly change the voting system.”

He said that the password for the voting system is posted online. “The back door is open. All information is there. The CCP people know everything.”

Attorney Sidney Powell, who has filed general election lawsuits in Georgia and Arizona, said that the CCP and other foreigners have entered the back door of the American voting system, and she has evidence that a large number of Chinese-made ballots entered the United States from land and air.

Phil Waldron: Voting machines ‘built to be manipulated’

At a Pennsylvania hearing on the election, retired Army Col. Phil Waldron said that voting machines used in the United States were built for manipulating elections. He alleged that up to 1.2 million votes could have been altered in Pennsylvania and that a forensic analysis would be needed to determine the exact number.

“The voting systems in the U.S. and in Pennsylvania were built to be manipulated,” Phil Waldron, a cybersecurity expert dealing with intelligence and information warfare for some 30 years, said in the hearing.

Waldron told the committee that he personally debriefed the son of a Cuban intelligence officer who was told by Hugo Chavez’s family members “not to worry about the populist threat against Maduro’s election in Venezuela” because “it was guaranteed, their father invested the money to build the SGO voting machine system.”

Waldron said U.S. election systems like Dominion have “similar code and similar function.”

“Our experts and other academics believe that up to 1.2 million Pennsylvania votes could have been altered or fraudulent, this is what we discovered in the last 22 days,” but that only a detailed forensic analysis would show how many Pennsylvanian votes had been manipulated, Waldron said.

Waldron said his team has been researching the voting system manipulation issues since August, and that many others were also reporting similar issues.

“There are many, many more teams like ours, small teams that are joined in this fight, and they are throwing the flag left and right, so there’s a lot of folks who are recognizing anomalies,” Waldron said.

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