After months of consideration, a judge in Fulton County, Georgia, has ruled that absentee ballots from the 2020 presidential election will be unsealed and examined for evidence of fraud.

According to Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero, the ballots must remain with Fulton County election officials throughout the audit, and the results of the review cannot influence the outcome of the November election.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the plaintiffs in the case accepted the terms, stating that the investigation is still necessary after contentious actions by Fulton County election officials last year.

“Friday’s decision came in a lawsuit filed by nine plaintiffs, including Garland Favorito, a Fulton county resident and self-styled election watchdog,” the Journal-Constitution reported. “It’s one of more than 30 Georgia lawsuits stemming from the November presidential election and the January runoff for U.S. Senate. Some of the lawsuits are still winding their way through the courts.”

Former Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who now leads the voter registration group Greater Georgia Action after losing a runoff election in January, cheered the judge’s ruling in a statement:

Voter confidence in our election system is the bedrock of our republic. Unfortunately, inconsistencies in Fulton County’s November 2020 absentee ballots cast serious doubt on voters’ faith in our elections. An independent investigation even characterized Fulton County’s absentee ballot handling as ‘generally bad management.’ While there is a dire need to investigate a number of other well-documented issues, we must also inspect Fulton County’s absentee ballots to reassure Georgians that their voices are heard and their votes are counted. The integrity of future elections is critical, and Judge Amero’s decision is a helpful step in restoring transparency, accountability, and voter confidence. We look forward to the findings and their role in promoting transparency and rebuilding faith in our elections.

“Georgia voters deserve to have confidence that their voice — and their vote — is heard,” said former Republican Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler.

“Unfortunately, the many irregularities we saw in the 2020 elections have eroded trust in our electoral process. We fully support the move to unseal and investigate absentee ballot process in Fulton County. Transparency is the first step toward restoring integrity and accountability in our elections, and we look forward to the investigations’ findings.”

Georgia judge has granted a motion to unseal and inspect Fulton County absentee ballots from the 2020 election
Georgia judge has granted a motion to unseal and inspect Fulton County absentee ballots from the 2020 election

In March, Amero stressed the need for a thorough plan to ensure the security of the ballots. “We want to do this in such a way that dispels rumors and disinformation and sheds light,” the judge said at a hearing. “The devil’s in the details.”

The plaintiffs wanted to take the ballots to a private company for contract work, but Amero declined. Absentee ballots will be scanned at the judge’s direction, and county officials will be asked to provide images of voting information. The audits are being paid for by the plaintiffs.

In the 2020 election, Fulton County swung heavily to President Joe Biden, who took a little over 72 percent of votes: 380,212 compared to former President Donald Trump’s 137,237 votes. Georgia ended up being a major battleground state, with Biden being declared the victor by about 11,700 votes.

John Fredericks joins the War Room to give updates on where election integrity is at in Georgia.

What happened in Fulton County on Nov. 3

With a Georgia judge ordering the audit of 145,000 mail-in ballots in Fulton County it is important to remember how events transpired on Nov. 3.

  • There were over 106,000 ballots adjudicated in Fulton County.
  • Video footage shows everyone cleared out of the State Farm Arena on election night, but 4-people stayed behind & continued to count ballots in private from around 10:30 pm until 1:00 am.
    This included scanning the same sets of ballots multiple times.
  • In Georgia, Joe Biden received 98% of a 23,487 batch of votes at 12:18 am.
  • The largest & most anomalous vote update happened at 1:34 am on Nov. 4, with 136,155 votes going to Biden and 29,115 votes going to Trump.
  • A statistical analysis of 8,954 vote updates, categorized this specific 1:34 am update as one of the top four most anomalous in the country.

There are nine witness affidavits testifying to stacks of unusual mail-in ballots with “pristine sheets, no creases, and perfect bubbles” that went “all for Biden”.

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